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I'm the boss
Khoda made women to please us and NOT the other way around

Sima Shirazi
October 9, 2006

There's no reason for any Iranian man in America to be a pussy whipped zan zaleel; not even if she makes more money then you, or you're a stay at home dad, or if you have a tiny dick. God did not create Iranian men to be pussy whipped. The only thing worse than a pussy whipped zan zaleel, is a man that enjoys being a pussy whipped zan zaleel.

In my little castle, I'm the one and only boss. I make all the desicions, I'm always in control and I never let a bitch tell me what I can or can't do! It drives me crazy when I hear a man ask a woman "Can I...?"

Recently when I was going out on a Friday night with the boys. As usual one friend, who is is hopelessly pussy whipped, asked to come along. Trying not to embarrass him, I asked, "Are you sure it's ok with the old ball and chain? We're coming home late." Zan zaleels always say that there is no problem, and that is exactly what he said.

Hoping that maybe his wife was out of town, we picked him up at the agreed time. It wasn't more than 2 hours into the night when his phone started ringing and ringing and ringing. We could all hear his bitch yelling, complaining, bitching and whining over the phone. Naturally, she wants him to come home.

"Azizam, in a little bit, I'm not in my car." I could hear her say that she didn't want him to hang out with "those fucking losers" any more. He hung up the phone and we left the restaurant and headed to the movies. On the way he asked the rest of us if we still really wanted to see the movie. "Duh, of course not, choseh khar," I thought to myself. We just drove all the way across town, only to turn around and go back because you don't want your little woman to get mad at you... NOT!

Then the phone started ringing again. He talked to her, hung up and smiled a sheepish little smile. This happened 3 or 4 times until I couldn't take it any more.

The next time the phone rang, I slammed on the breaks, grabed his phone, jumped out of the car and answered it.

Me: "What?!?"

Bitch: "Where's Davood?"

Me: "Are the kids OK?"

Bitch: "They're fine, where's Davood?"

Me: "Is anyone trying to break into the house?"

Bitch: "Sima! Where's Davood?"

Me: "Call one more fucking time and tell him to come home and I'm taking his ass to Vegas. Do you hear me? Don't you fucking call again unless the goddamn house is on fire, the kids are burning up with fever, or you're getting gang banged by a fresh-off-the-boat tribe of pigmy bush niggers. Do you understand!!!? Be khoda, call just once more, JUST ONE MORE MOTHER FUCKING TIME and I swear on my kids' life, I'll take his pussy whipped ass to Vegas so he can try to remember what is to be a man again... and if we go, I'm not bringing his ass back until Monday! Got it!?"

Bitch: "Zahre maar, mother fucker!!! Where's my husband!?"

Me: "He's in the fucking car with 6 other men and you want to treat him like a little fucking kid. I want this shit stopped now, Homa!!! I've know Davood for seventeen years and he used to be normal, but now you've got his head all fucked up!!! Don't call again tonight, or he'll be in Vegas shootin craps faster that you can say, Wayne Fucking Newton! Got it!?"

Bitch: "Fuck you, maadaar sag!"

Me: "Goh Bokhor."

The rest of the night went great. His phone didn't ring once. Just to be a dick, I made sure the night lasted until 4:30 before I dropped everyone off at their houses. I made sure that Davood was the last guy to be dropped off.

Sometimes a man has got to take a stand for one of his buddies. It's one thing to be pussy whipped at home, but to be disrespected when you're out in front of your friends is a completely different story. You've got to keep your bitch in line because if you don't one of your friends might just do it for you and tell her to shut her big fucking mouth. Goddamn, you know how Iranian women bitch. It's enough to make a man climb a clock tower somewhere and start shooting innocent fucking strangers.

One thing is for sure; the men who treat their women like Persian princesses, the men who adore and pamper their wives, the men who make jackasses-out-of-themselves being romantic fools are the ones who become pussy whipped the fastest. Men who treat their wives like shit with the occasional pimp slap on the ass, now and again, and men who treat their girlfriend like a fifty dollar whoe, are the ones who get the most respect, the most sex and the most of whatever they want from their bitches, Persian or not!

Khoda made women to please us and NOT the other way around. Women want you to tell them what, when and how to do everything. They want you to treat them like the whoes they are. This is human fucking nature. You probably think I'm full of shit, but I swear if you just try it for a few days, you'll have to beat her off of you at night. This is what every bitch wants. It's just that television has been fucking up their heads for so long now and confusing them. Women were made to serve us, please us and service us. This is the natural order of life on this plant. When you start acting like a man again, she'll stop trying to tell you what to do. All she'll want to do is be your little love slave.

So, how do ya get started? Well, women love to be treated like a whoe, so treat her like one. Then, dare I say it? Well, fuck it, it's true... women even like to be smacked around now and then, but remember NOT to hurt only to humble. Have you ever seen a humbled woman? (I'm not talking about a woman who has been beaten up by a man, because that shit sucks and I'm against it). I'm talking about a sexy women who deserves more then what she has. A woman who everyone talks about. A woman who takes truck loads of shit from her loser man, yet she stays with him. Why does she stay? She stays because women like a little mistreatment, a little slap on the ass, a little "shut da fuck up and get me another beer from the frige, bitch."

Now, compare that with a lucky woman, the kind whose husband waits on her hand and foot and does everything for her. Maybe, he's not rich, but he does EVERYTHING for her. He's romantic, he cleans the house, he takes her out on dates and shopping, he does all the shit that makes normal men want to vomit... AND ALL HIS WOMAN EVER DOES IS COMPLAIN, BITCH, MOAN AND GROAN ON HIM! She even has an affair with his best fucking friend or the Boy Scout Troup Master who lives in the next house. Then once she's had some of that that Tasty Boy Scout sausage, she even thinks about leaving the poor zan zaleel bastard.

The only way a man can save his marriage when it comes to this point is to humble the bitch. Deep down this is what she wants. She wants to be fucking humbled. She wants to be a woman who is ruled over by her man. Bitch slap her on the ass and if she's got a big ass, give it a good crack. She'll love for it and she'll ride you like a stallion all night long. Rough sex? Of course, but make sure its not too rough. You want to remind her at all times that you are in charge... both in and out of the bed... you don't want to hurt her though.

Never ask your bitch for permission to do anything. You are a man. You don't ask your woman, YOU TELL HER! When you tell her, do it with confidence. Smooth and firm, no "... um... ah... well, azizam..." Remember: smooth and firm, you are the man and you are the boss.

Don't give her time to think if you think she might disagree with something you want her to do. You just tell her to do it and do it right no matter what it is that you want. If she sees that you mean business and you remind her that she is on this earth to satisfy you, she'll do whatever you want.

A friend of mine asked his wife a hundred times if he could "shoot his load in her mouth" and she'd always get angry and tell him not to talk about it anymore. Then I suggested that he just do it. Don't ask her, just fucking get your rocks off... she'll like the surprise and she'll respect you for not asking for her permission. It took 5 months for him to get the courage just to do it, but when he did, she got so turned on that she begged his to do it again and again. This is the kind of mistreatment women really appreciate and love most. If you treat her like trash outside the bedroom, she'll beg to be your private whoe inside the bedroom. No one will ever be able to call you a zan zaleel.

Treat your woman like a Princess, and she'll force you to treat her like a Queen.
Treat your woman like a Queen, she'll force you to treat her like a King.
Treat your woman like a King, she'll walk all over you and you're doomed to a pathetic miserable life.

Treat the woman you love most like the whoe she was born to be and she'll respect you for life. You need to show her that you are her pimp-daddy. You need to get her under your spell. Don't hypnotize her into thinking you are her little man. Dickmotize her into knowing that she's your hot little love slave. She'll never do better than you and never come close to getting any candy-cane as good as yours. DICK-MOTIZE your woman and convince her you are her pimp daddy of the universe. Fuck what everyone else thinks. Once your Persian princess is DICK-MOTIZED, your life will be a million times better.

You don't have to have a huge cock to DICK-MOTIZE your woman. Play rough with her during sex. Women don't want to be loved and kissed all over. They want to be fucked like a $20 whore. Sure, to get her in the mood you have to be all romantic and sensual and etc. Once her motor's hot though, give it to her like she's a south Tehran streetwalker. Ride her with your boots on cowboy. Ride her, like you would if she had 500 whore friends that she would tell just how incredibly remarkable you were. Then you'll get respect once and for all and forever.

She'll never admit it, but she wants a lil abuse. Not physical abuse, the occasional back hand to keep her in line. But the mental and emotional abuse. If you do the emotional and mental abuse right, she'll be more attached to you and will do prety much whatever you say. Comment

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