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WHY is war unavoidable?
It is only unavoidable if the dominant powers insist on it

October 14, 2002
The Iranian

You asked [See Siamack Salari's "Talk some sense"] and so I shall share my two cents. I do not hate Iraqis and certainly not Americans for I happen to be a naturalized American citizen and my wife and children are American born. So, I should be able to give you a perspective with balance and not based on hate!

You point out in more than one place in your article that war is inevitable and if not now it shall come later. Why? Why is war unavoidable? It is only unavoidable if the dominant powers insist on having a war at this time.

I travel back to Iran often. I have heard from numerous Iranians who have traveled to Iraq on pilgrimages and all reports indicate that 12 years of economic sanctions have left that country weak and crumbling. Their infrastructure is in ruins. Until recently they couldn't even make long distance calls abroad and what little remains of their public services and health infrastructure is barely functioning.

What I mean is that Iraq is hardly capable of managing its own affairs and by all evidence cannot conduct offensive actions of any significant measure even against her neighbors, much less Israel. The argument from US President and British Prime Minister is that Iraq is close to having nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction. But no evidence of this has been presented.

Leading senators and other politicians in the U.S. who are privileged to sensitive and classified military reports, come out of briefing sessions unconvinced. They are saying that they don't understand why Bush is insisting on war with Iraq. Even the current head of CIA announced a few days ago that there are doubts about Iraq's intentions (and ability) to wage war!

Finally, by publishing his new national security doctrine, President Bush revealed why we have to attack Iraq all of a sudden. The openly announced strategy of preemption and the stated goal of global dominance explains it all. Someone (country) has to bare the horror of being the first whipping boy and made an example of. And that will be Iraq.

You see, Afghanistan was not a big enough challenge. And the U.S. President believes that there is still a preventive lesson to be taught. But what they are missing is that animosity towards the U.S. didn't develop in a vacuum. Bush has repeatedly announced that the terrorists of 9/11 attacked us because "they hate freedom". That is the most absurd thing anyone could say. How could a human being "hate freedom"?

With the ocean of goodwill and compassion generated for America after the 9/11 tragedy, U.S. leadership could have set history on a new course of cooperation and understanding. Along with strong measures to fight terrorism, we could have addressed the root causes of ill will and own up to the horrific choices made in our foreign policy in the past 50 years in all corners of the world.

Americans keep asking "Why do they hate us?" but no one wants to be honest with them and tell them that after 50 years of hostile intervention in just about every country on this planet, after instigating, funding or outright planning government take overs, coups and revolts in tens of countries and causing the death and dismemberment of untold hundreds of thousands as a result of our actions and policies, when we experience a backlash, all we tell our people is "They hate freedom!"

But you see, in America everything circles around the next election and how a president can win the next term. And more importantly is that thick stuff that comes out of the ground and Iraq has a whole lot of it.

But in accordance with his new doctrine -- and since the Saudis can no longer be trusted, according to U.S. think tanks) -- President Bush has decided that whipping Saddam will take care of all problems! The Saudis would be replaced by Iraq as the major U.S. petro-ally in the region. Iran's mullahs will be further contained. And the Republicans will have a righteous political stance to run on while the President won't have to worry about his approval rating falling to pre-911 levels!

Yes, war can be avoided if we can convince George W. Bush and Tony Blair to put political motives aside and think about the children who will die in their desired war. I really worry about the precedence this will set in international relations and dealings. Imagine what disasters come out of Bush Doctrine becoming popular with other countries.

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