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Pahlavi pizza
It's not the Virgin Mary. It's Empress Farah.

Farhad Radmehrian
November 22, 2004

The whole world has been staring at this piece of years-old grilled cheese sandwitch and quietly wondering about the things reasonable person come to believe. The face on the lunch is not the Virgin Mary! At least not the likeness of her that we have been shown for centuries. In fact it looks nothing like her.

So, who is she? I have wrecked my brain for days since I first saw this thing auctioned on ebay and it finally came to me. Yes, I've got it! I was looking at the picture on my computer monitor again last night as I chumped into my khiar-o-panir cucumber-cheese sandwitch when Queen Farah Pahlavi smiled right back at me from the grilled cheese sandy.

Yes, it is undoubtedly her. It's the old queenster herself. Check it out for yourself; I'm sure you will agree.

But the questyion I have is how did the Kadivar brothers [Cyrus Kadivar, Darius Kadivar] miss this potentially important piece of Pahlavi nostalgia. I would have expected an article and some historical essay by now.

Or maybe they haven't missed it at all.

The highest bid I saw was over $7,000, placed by an anonymous person. I can't help but assume that Prince Reza Pahlavi would surely want to bid on this precious piece of Pahlavi nostalgia.

So, the question is, who will have the winning bid? Who will end up owning this prized sandwitch? The Kadivar brothers or Prince Reza Pahlavi? Or perhaps the Empress herself?

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