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The human angle
Rethinking your position on gays and lesbians

December 10, 2004

When it comes to homosexuality there are many opinions ranging from the thoughtful and sophisticated to too-narrow-to-mention. One thing is certain, this issue and certainly the current sujet de jour, "gay marriage," turns up the heat on both sides of the spectrum.

Yet what the conservatives and liberals effectively have failed to do is to point out the truth. In short, it's not adequate to say that you are for or against, we are still patiently waiting for those articulate reasons that would convince us beyond reasonable doubt that same-sex relations is sinful, or on the other hand an absolute right for anyone to establish a truly equal society where human beings are not degraded for what is considered by many a bilogical tendency.

The issue is more serious than the mere Yes-or-No game. As a straight person I can vouch for the fact that mainstream heterosexuals are rather indifferent to homosexual rights. It's a sad scenario. But the bottomline is that since it doesn't directly affect them, heterosexuals turn a blind eye. Therefore what we are left with are hard core liberals and conservative hicks (Republicans) to battle it out in the most unthoughtful ways.

Sadly what gets forgotten in this battle of the brainless is the humanity underlying this entire issue. Gay and lesbians cannot be reduced to their sexual behavior; these are people with dreams and hopes and careers. They are people whose intelligence and determination takes them to the Senate, and whose keen artistic ability lands them roles on Broadway plays.

They are also people you pass every day on the street. People that like any straight person contribute to making the society function. And in limiting the rights of gays and lesbians we are absolutely undermining their humanity, we are indirectly calling them second-class citizens, who will never have the same status as heterosexuals simply because of what they do behind closed doors.

So my advice to mainstream heterosexuals, especially the Persian-American community, is to take a stand. Look at these issues more seriously, understand the human angle, and do not allow extremists to make up your mind for you. Changing society towards a moderate, accepting and tolerant one depends on you.

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