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Between now and November 2008
U.S. presidential campaign and Iran


April 10, 2007

Unfortunately the outcome of most national political elections in the U.S. have an effect on the rest of the world. Consider what would have had happened if Ford had won the election of 1976 against Carter. The Islamic revolution of Iran would either have not had happened or it would have been delayed for a very long time.

Fast forward to the year 2001. If Al Gore had won the year 2000 election against Bush and was the U.S. president when 9/11 happened, most of the horrendous events that have happened since, and especially the Iraq war, would not have happened. True, the U.S. would have attacked a country (most likely Afghanistan) as revenge and a lesson for the rest; but that would have been it.

No Iraq, no patriot act, upcoming attack on Iran etc etc.

Now, the Republicans, with help from the Jewish lobby are at it again. What they are doing now will have an effect on majority of the world population.

If you are wondering how Barak Obama, an African Americna first term Senator has raised as much money as Hillary Clinton, you need not look too far or too deep. A major part of the financial support for Obama is coming from the Republicans and organizations related to Republicans, conservatives and the Jewish lobby. In some churches in the mid west and the south U.S., priests and pastors are urging people to send money to the Obama campaign. Why? Read on.

The existing pool of the Republican presidential candidates for the 2008 elections is very weak. It consists of Giuliani, Romney, McCain, Fox, Hunter and a couple more clowns. If any of these guys goes heads up against Hillary Clinton, the outcome of the election will be a crap shoot. Or, there would have to be another Florida or Ohio; that is, tampering with election results and votes. Since the Republicans have done this twice, they know getting away with it a third time is going to be very difficult if not impossible.

But what if Obama is the Democratic nominee instead of Clinton? In all honesty, do you really think America is ready for a Black president? A black president not with a name like George Washington or Leroy Johnson, but with name Barak Obama. Yeah right.

If any of the Republican candidates, all white Christian males, even Romney who is a Mormon, goes head to head with a Black candidate, there will be a landslide which will make the Reagan-Mondale landslide look pale in comparison.

This is why there is so much talk of Obama in the media. The problem is that most white America is busy with American Idol, the color of Paris Hilton's pubic hair and other nonsense to think about politics and their next president.

If one more Republican idiot replaces Bush, the world will have to tolerate another 4 years of misery, injustice and weak economy. If Bush doesn' attack Iran with or without help from Israel, his Republican successor will.

Between now and November 2008, encourage your American friends who vote democrat or independent to support and vote for Hillary Clinton.


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