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Khosh oomadi
Googoosh's historic comeback

By Jahanshah Javid
June 19, 2000
The Iranian

Googoosh is back. No need to rub your eyes. It's not a dream. And no, it's not another misprint you frequently see in The Iranian. Googoosh arrived in Toronto last week, accompanied by a new band AND new songs, accoding to Paris-based concert promoter Abbas Bakhtiari. Here's what he had to say about her upcoming concert tour >>> LISTEN


Last March The Iranian reported that Googoosh had decided to sing in public for the first time in more than two decades. But the decision to run it as a cover story was not an easy one.

Rumors about Iran's most-loved superstar has been a favorite topic of conversation in gatherings of younger Iranians for years. "Googoosh is going to sing at her son's wedding," someone would say. Or, "Googoosh HAS sung at her son's wedding." And then someone else would say with total confidence, "Nah baabaa! Googoosh AND her son are going to sing at a wedding."

Although our sources seemed genuine, we didn't totally believe that Googoosh was about to make a comeback. But the story was published anyway. I mean, what the hell?

A family friend of Googoosh called and insisted that it was all false. Googoosh has ABSOLUTELY no plans to sing. She wants to be left alone, blah blah blah. So I changed a few words in the story and toned it down a bit. The original headline -- "Googoosh is back!" -- was changed to "Gogoosh is back?!"

Well, it now turns out it was all true. Thank heaven. It's a miracle. It really is. Iranians -- including many who didn't care much for her light pop songs before the revolution -- have been waiting and praying for Googoosh's return. So much so that if I were the messiah, I would be jealous.

Just read some of the flood of emails to Googoosh.Com from fans all over world begging her to sing again.

Googoosh has become a symbol of lost innocence, a reminder of the "good old days". We listen to her silky-smooth voice and slip into a sad but sweet dream where there's nothing but love and tenderness. No wonder even today, more than 20 years after the last song she ever recorded, her albums out-sell those by ANY other past or present Iranian singer, band or musician.

I'll bet anything that she's going to open her first concert with "Man aamadeh-am". Well, on behalf of all her fans who've been waiting impatiently for so long, may I say a very sincere, deep-felt khosh oomadi...


Pedram Moallemian writes from Toronto: The two largest Persian-language weeklies in Toronto have carried front-page news of Googoosh's arrival in Toronto. See images

Both Shahrvand and Iran Star announced that Googoosh is accompanied by her husband, film director Masoud Kimiai.

Iran Star went further announcing that Googoosh would perform her two first concerts in over 23 years in Toronto and Vancouver. The Toronto concert would be held at the impressive Air Canada Centre, home of the local basketball and hocky teams. No specific date has been announced yet but rumors are centered around two dates -- July 8th and 29th.

This is not Googoosh first trip to Toronto. She has stayed with her brother here during past visits. For many years Toronto was also home for Kambiz, her only son before he moved to California.

The excitement surrounding her concert is so overwhelming that a travel agent said she a large number of Iranians had canceled their trips to Iran, fearing they would miss THE concert of a lifetime.

Googoosh's first concert in years could easily become the largest gathering of Iranians abroad ever. Toronto is also home to many immigrants from Turkey, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Arab states, where Googoosh is still a popular cultural icon. See images

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