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Holiday confusion
I think I will stick to birthdays and Earth days

By Iran Javid Fulton
January 26, 2001
The Iranian

My relatives used to give me the guilt trip if I didn't call them on Noruz and say "Eid-e shomaa mobaarak" but they have pretty much accepted that it's not going to happen. It's hard to get into Noruz when no one else around you is into it!

Sure, I could make my own traditions with my family and do the haft-seen and everything, but being far away from extended family and Iranian friends, I find it hard to do.

Since I am married to a Catholic-American for 15 years now, we do the Christmas tree and the presents every year. I think it is fun for the kids, but for me and the kids it has no religious significance and we don't go to church.

So, I find it hypocritical to have to call my relatives during Christmas (Jesus' birthday?) and New Year (2001 years after his death) and wish them a happy holiday when we are not Christians.

I can see wishing Christian friends (not necessarily devout ones), acquaintances, and strangers on the street a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to be polite and respectful, but it has no meaning for me.

What does "Happy Holidays" mean right around November/December anyway? Does it mean Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, Eid Mobaarak and Happy New Year? Did I miss any other religious greeting? I'm confused!

I think I will stick to birthdays, Earth days, and plant-a-tree days, where there are no ambiguities, and no hard feelings.

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