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My ambrosia
I had to make time to see him

By Mitra
November 20, 2001
The Iranian

It's 2 o'clock on the next to last day of August, and all I can think about is how I really don't want to give up my Indian summer. No Labor Day, don't come. Can't I just rewind to Memorial Day? Not that I had an absolutely fantastic summer. I did take three summer classes and work the whole time. But the romance. Now that is something to daydream about.

I guess my summer really started last December. I ran into an old acquaintance of mine from high school. He was my first real crush, before I understood what one felt like. It felt so good to reminisce with him and catch up on the parts of our lives we missed out on. I found out he was still dating his Spanish girlfriend and planned to graduate soon. I, on the other hand, had experienced one serious relationship which ended terribly. These were novice times.

The worst part is that I still had this nagging crush for him. I knew he was forbidden fruit. But I had to take a bite. One day I met up with Rahul and met his friends. They talked about going to Miami for a vacation again. I told him how important it was for him to go and get away from the monotonous life that Northern Virginia provided.

Before our spring semester ended, Rahul and his girlfriend broke up. He was devastated and came to me for emotional support. I was extremely apprehensive of letting him lean on me too much. I didn't want our friendship to get out of hand. Plus, I was used to the way it had always been. Now I was getting calls all the time, it was clear he missed her and was looking for a substitute.

I had no idea he liked me until one day he just leaned over and kissed me. I had no preparation and no warning. I was completely shocked. We talked about a lot of things that night, I eventually asked him to take some space for himself and not call me so much anymore. I think it's important for someone to get used to being alone, especially after the break up of a five-year relationship .

Both of us had summer classes and were working, but the chemistry that ignited between us was unexplainable. He had to see me. I had to make time to see him. He was my ambrosia. And I was mad for want.

Rahul came back from Miami Monday night. He decided he wanted to try living down there. The financial strain of supporting both parents was weighing on him. He needed his freedom, he said. He'd become accustomed to the bachelor life. I gave my support and let him go.
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Flower delivery in Iran
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