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Get off the fence
You are either with or against

By Roy
October 4, 2001
The Iranian

In reading the "American Fundamentalism" article, I am totally thrown back. Appalled if you will. Let me dispel some of the "truths" as listed in the article.

1) CNN has done a excellent job of showing everything. They have shown different views. What would you want them to do, have a Saddam Hussein talk show as Saddam himself? Oh yeah, he'll be honest!

2) Howard Stern is a joke. If you listen to him, then you've wasted valuable time. He'll say anything to get free press. His ratings over the years are down and he doesn't have the weight he used too.

3) CNN has had numerous Muslim women on TV. As far as children, they have not had American children's points of view either. So what's your point?

4) Did any Americans participate in the planes that crashed? No. if Americans hijacked an Iranian plane and crashed it into Mecca, would the Iranian population open their hearts to Americans? I don't think so. Iran is still blaming America for things that happened 25+ years ago. What's your point hee? Did you want to see more Muslim names on the plane's passenger list? What would that accomplish?

5) I don't even know what this is about. It's being redundant. Can you name any country in the world that has a freer press than America? On any given day, an American newspaper contains articles that in Iran, would cause a beheading.

6) Not all Americans are hicks, some Iranians live in Texas too. Again, what's the point here? America is made up of different cultures. In Iran, you don't have different cultures?

7) Eichman and Hitler's platform was political, not religion based. Their hatred for the Jews was political as the Jews suppressed his political goals amongst others (in the 1920's) . You didn't see Germans kill Jews then run off to church.

8) Again you imply that the attacks to the WTC were American-based. Maybe those people didn't exist and American propaganda just used their faces. To attack a symbol like the WTC is not right and maybe anyone or any society that does acts like that should be looked into.

9) The 4th plane crashed. If it was shot down -- remember Bush did give the order to shoot it down -- nobody would criticized it.

10) So what America is powerful? In most Middle Eastern countries their biggest enemy is themselves.

11) US will eliminate the problem and, yes, another will come along. In Iran, you jail people too. Even hold public executions like some sort of game show. Does that stop crime? Then you should spend more time writing to the Iranian press requesting that prisoners go free. They'll just be more of them.

In conclusion, some facts you need to understand: 225 Muslims died when Bin Laden attacked in Sudan. 300+ Muslim died in the WTC by Bin Laden. Ask yourself: Is Bin Laden a good Muslim or a bad Muslim?

America has had its problems, we admit them! We don't need you to point them out as you have not lived those problems. You're just here to judge them. Oh, I forgot, some people have given you bad and dirty looks, therefore, you are now an expert.

Is the Iranian press been telling the truth? Well the truth is Iran wants relations with the U.S., but the hardliners keep Iran in the past. Unfortunately, this is where they will stay. They just missed there chance.

America has been the whore for the Middle East. America is in Saudi Arabia because they want the U.S. to be there. So we can do their dirty work. That will soon change and that's when the real problems will begin.

If it wasn't for U.S., Kuwait would be an Iraqi province. Would Iran have done anything? No. I'll await your thank you for that. Never mind, you'll respond with, "We (USA) made it up and told Iraq to attack to bolster the U.S. economy" or "We were there to protect the oil."

I've learned one thing since September 11: The biggest capitalists in the world are Muslims. Bin Laden is a capitalist. He and others hide behind the Koran, but remember, when was the last time you heard a freedom fighter (like Bin Laden) have his brokers execute sell orders after the WTC attack? Well Bin Laden did.

Most Middle East countries are hypocrites. Take Iraq. So, the U.S. doesn't do business with Iraq. Saddem claims this is killing his people. Does Iraq need the U.S. that badly? Maybe Saddem is the problem. He attacked your country (Iran), he attacked Kuwait, he spends his resources building an army. His internal policies are killing his people. But like most Middle Eastern countries, you will blame the U.S. for that.

All America is asking is that countries get off the fence. You are either with or against. Is that too hard to understand? I don't mean to be hostile, but not everything is perfect. Look at your own problems before telling others about theirs.

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