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United we can
The world today is no longer the one we knew

By Mahyad M. Tousi
August 27, 2002
The Iranian

Emailed to iranian.com on September 12, 2001:

New York -- The mood is grim ... reality is penetrating like a cold, windy winter day.  The city is quiet yet packed with unguarded emotion.  Many of us are confused about what is the "appropriate" response.  How are we to act?  I have had to remind myself numerous times that fear and anger are clear indications of evil.  Still, I feel angry and am fearful of what may come. 

Our world is sick.  We must dig deep to find the core of this sickness and treat her as a loved one in desperate need.  A violent reaction will only treat the symptoms to a far more severe condition.  Further violence will only result in the sacrifice of more innocent victims.

History shows aggression has not and will not stop acts of terrorism.  Libya was bombed after the Pan Am tragedy over Lockerbie.  Afghanistan was attacked after terrorists targeted two American embassies in central Africa. 

We showed Saddam we sat comfortably in our homes, watched America, and her allies in a display of military brilliance maim and destroy the Iraqi capital while failing miserably to hit their "non-civilian" targets.

The only achievement we can boast of is escalated levels of violence and further terrorism.  If we add further fuel to the fire, won't we share responsibility for its fury?

The world today is no longer the one we knew. She is suffering of a dangerously high fever which has been rising gradually for years. We can ignore it no more.  For once, let's concentrate on our similarities and respect the dignity of each and every human being.  United we can cure our world and give her the care and respect she deserves.

"Let the beauty we love be what we do." Rumi

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