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Aghaye Adidas!
My father was proud of me in a way

By Farzod
January 31, 2002
The Iranian

It was about 12 noon when the F-F rang. I ran to the receiver on the wall to see who it was at the front gate to our house. When I said "Keeye", the voice said: "Baaz kon dar raa... Aghaye Adidas."

I recognized my father (khodaa rahmatesh konad) from his voice but didn't know why he was calling me that name.

My father always came home from his company at lunch time. I ran out to the yard as I usually did as the youngest child, to close the front gate after he had driven the car in the house. This way, my father didn't have to get out of the car again to close the gate.

As soon as my father saw me, with his left hand out of the car's window, holding what seemed to be an envelope (air mail), he yelled, "Aghaye Adidas". I closed the front gate and ran after the car to the garage wanting to know what the deal was.

Apperantly, Iran Khanoom, one of our relative neighbors had seen my father while he was driving to our house and had told him that the postman had dropped our mail by mistake at her house. Iran Khanoom was the "know everything and everybody" of our kooche. She was waiting for my father to come home that day.

As my father was singing and chanting Aghaye Adidas, walking to the house from the garage, I tried to grab the letter out of his hands, but he wouldn't let me. Then, I remembered, that I had written a letter to the Adidas sports company in Germany about six months ago and had asked them to send me, a thirtheen-year-old at the time, their famous footbal posters.

That night my father was telling our guests at the dinner table with ab-o-tab about the details of my letter. He was proud in a way. His thirtheen year old son had written a letter in English to the adidas company in Germany telling them, that he was a reseller of their sports equipment, and I had demanded Adidas to send me their posters to advertise their products in my store!

Adidas had kindly answered that they needed to see a picture of my store, and specified that it had to be with their equipment, before they could send me any posters! You see, I was in love with football and collected football posters from magazines. I thought that was the way to get the posters with my thirtheen-year-old mind!

That night, I was putting all my Adidas equipment on the bookshelves to make it look like I had a store.

My name was Aghaye adidas for a long time to come and Iran Khanoom (khoda rahmatesh konad) knew why.

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