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It rained at last. It rained at last.
No umbrellas, no covers

By Helia Azimi
January 15, 2002
The Iranian

I noticed a few drops of water on my windshield. Could it be possible? Is it rain? Or have I hit the washer fluid again? One look at the car to my right was all I needed to be certain. It was RAIN!!

The man in the car next to me was beaming, driving on the bridge with his head and left arm out of the car, trying to take in the rain. So we finally have rain.

I realized Mojdeh was still talking on the other end of the phone. I screamed with joy.

"Mojdeh, saaket baash! Daareh baaroon miaad!"

"Doroogh nagoo!?"


"Okay, man raftam biroon check konam!"

It was a sight for sore eyes. Nothing like I'd ever seen before. Everyone was standing in the streets, and outside their shops just watching. No umbrellas, no covers, no one running away from the rain. Just people, all kinds of people, trying to get their spot under the pouring sky. People were finally driving with the windows rolled down. What a refreshing change for this town!

Some had their hands out of the window (including myself), and I noticed the more daring drivers would occasionally stick their heads out as well, even if only for a few seconds!

Gogoosh was blasting so loud; I barely heard the phone ring.


It was my mother, and I knew why she was calling.


"Too raah."

"Az 40 bishtar nari ye vaght,. The roads are slippery"

At that moment I was going 60, speeding towards 80. It proved to be far too tempting not to speed in this weather!

Consider this. I have been a driver for a few years now, but have rarely driven in pouring rain like this. So my mother actually had to remind me not to speed -- that the rain can actually make the roads wet!

I think the rain is making me very emotional tonight. I suddenly think of the song by Omid, "Baaraan". It goe, "Zire baaraan, gerye kardam, balke baaraan shooyad az jaanam, gonaaham..." My eyes are swelling now. Is it utter delight from rain? Or is it my damn contacts again?

I walk into our garden. Just as I expected, the entire family is standing outside. Just standing there with their hands raised to the sky, as though it would make the rain come harder.

My youngest sister yells, "Look! I'm jumping into a puddle!" Then she jumps both feet into what she called a puddle (definitely not a puddle by international standards!)

That's another thing nature hadn't blessed us with for a long time. Puddles.

You may think I'm weird. Maybe I am. Maybe I have (RDS) -- Rain Deficiency Syndrome. Maybe the sun in this country has roasted my brain. Maybe I'm just being grateful for the little bit of drizzle that we have seen in a long time. Most of you take it for granted that rain comes with winter.

For us, it has always been like, "Winter's here? I didn't notice!"

I predict tomorrow's headlines:

"Dubai sees rain... FINALLY!!"

It rained at last. It rained at last. Thank God Almighty, it rained at last.

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