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No hell on earth
Meeting amazing people

By Lilly Benevis
November 1, 2002
The Iranian

Hi guys! I hope your ready for the lates installment of the drama that I like to call life. I have been plagued or blessed by the gift of a bus pass from my boss. Now it does help in the literal sense in that I can get around, and if you learn how to block the schitzophrenic lady to the left, and the guy singing out loud with his headphones on, it can be bearable. Kind of... it's a humbling experience.

This morning, when I was waiting for the bus to get to work at 5 am, I was cussing my parents up and down for having taken my car. I was thinking of all the possibilities of revenge, raging from standard voodoo rituals, to death threats over the phone. to their advantage, I didnt get too far with my planning. it seems like the guy in the sky had a different plan for me.

I met some of the most amazing, emotionaly intelligent people that morning. The first guy was Rooster. That's what he told me his name was. Okay, so Rooster was sitting at the bus stop with a super big gulp full of his favorite draft beer, Coors Light. He struck me as a trailer park reject, so I stood to the side of the bench, freezing. I mean, I had met alcoholics before, but beer at 5 am? Not exactly what I refer to as the breakfast of champions.

Granted. I had ramen noodles and 3 cigarettes, I took avantage of my ability to be judgmental, and I kinda ran with it. He ended up being an ex-entrepeneur. He owned 3 homes before he got addicted to cocaine, and now he's following his heart, playing drums for a band in San Fransisco.

He gave me his cell number before I got off the bus, and then whispered and gestured me to come closer. He winked and kissed me on the forehead. After that, the bitter cold wind that was making shiver an hour ago, made me smile. Maybe this bus thing isn't hell on earth...

The next lady I met was Michelle... she was a homeless woman who was driven out of her home when she was 13. She came to this city with 200 bucks, and now she is a graphic designer, working with the city council, designing billboards. Too bad she doesn't have a home & lives in her car. She smiled at me and told me that my eyes had god in them. That I would be ok, and to realize that pain, just like joy, is temporary.

The minute I got off the last bus, I took a deep breath, looked at the heavens, and thought, "Thank you," and then I almost got broadsided by a tractor trailer.

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By Lilly Benevis

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