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True two-face
Iran vs. world community



September 25, 2006

United Nations general assembly came and went while different parts of the world are suffering from violence, poverty and injustice imposed on them mostly by the corrupted systems that falsely represent the people in those regions. The major issue which was brought in the focus of the world in this event, was the problem that world is facing as a result of irresponsible behaviors of Islamic regime in our country, Iran.

After wasting so many months through endless negotiations between EU and U.S from one side and Islamic regime of Iran from the other side, and after passing of the deadlines determined by international community, world is yet to see a solution to this matter. Iranian people who are suffering under extreme brutalities of Islamic theocratic regime and paralyzed by deep corruption of the system, have chosen to wait and see how international community deal with these self appointed representatives of god on earth. Numerous attempts to confront the Islamic regime's atrocities by Iranian people in order to bring much needed change to the country failed to produce any substantial result because, Islamic regime viciously suppressed any inauspicious move by people with full force.

In this process, clerical rulers have committed any possible atrocities in their ability against Iranians to stop them while most of the civilized world watched with ignorance and most of western media overlooked inhumane behavior of Islamic regime towards its people. Ruling mullahs who had invoked the tactic of trickery and deception form their initial moments in Iran, have been able to silence or destroy any opposition to their barbaric rule in the name of Allah. After revelations about their hidden operations in pursuit of nuclear weapons, Islamic regime has been trying to use the same methods in order to dodge the reactions of international community to their malicious activities through 'divide and conquer' to cause delay in reaching a final decision through endless negotiations.

These days, most of western media which have always failed to offer a true picture of the Islamic regime which has the worst record in human rights and continuously denied the most basic freedoms to the society, are trying to make a Islamic Robinhood from president of Islamic Republic regime in Iran. In the meantime, some of old American politicians with a record in organizing Islamic movements like Taleban which turned Afghanistan into a disaster zone, go even further and call Mahmoud Ahmadinejad an important person in the world politics!

Apparently, these people are unaware that no decision can be made and nothing can be implemented in Iran without approval of Khamenei who is 'chosen' as the Islamic revolution leader by Islamic Guardian Council from within the regime. It is unclear how a person who is not allowed to decide about the simplest things without approval of Khamenei can become such an important figure in world politics.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who once wanted to turn all the squares in capital city of Tehran into tombs for martyrs and assigned millions of dollars to construction of a highway for reappearance of 'imam zaman' (a Shiite messiah) is the same person who claimed that he sensed a heavenly aura covered him when he was speaking in UN last time. Ahmadinejad is a symbol of political suffocation of Iranian society under tyranny of ruling mullahs. He represents misery for Iranian people and after Khatami, he has become the new mask for Islamic regime that mullah Khamenei is hiding behind it and dragging Iran towards ultimate disaster.

This son of a blacksmith who became president of Islamic regime with support of mullah Khamenei and under extreme repressive conditions against any true voice of opposition, has left all the problems of Iranian people to be solved by 'imam zaman' while very anxiously trying to solve the issues in Palestine and Lebanon! The Islamic regime which has been proudly supporting and supplying Hezbollah and Hamas with hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons and cash every year, has turned Middle East issues into a bargaining chip while hooking corrupt leaders of Syria on free or under price crude oil in order to have a stronger hand in there.

Escalation of situation to a full fledge war in the Middle East in last month by Hezbollah's unprovoked operations and subsequent generous flow of cash from Islamic Republic of Iran to pay for war damages on Lebanese people through Hezbollah, leaves no doubt in the minds of many about the role of Islamic regime in this issue. Based on some reports, Hezbollah offered $12,000 per person to cover for war damages while an Iranian retiree receives a few hundreds and dollars per month and the price for basic food items are comparable with Europe and U.S.

Politics of double talk and deception by ruling mullahs in Iran has been the corner stone of Islamic regime's establishment. They deceived Iranian people into current mess by one day saying one thing and another day something else for the past twenty eight years. This has been not because of their uncertainty about their own governing plans and politics but something intentional to cover their true purpose which is just to serve the interests of their own and their associates. Looking at the dept and magnitude of corruption in Iran under Islamic regime makes this matter more comprehensible that why Iran's economy is trailing many nations like Indonesia and South Korea which were far behind Iran during late 1970's.

My intention here is not to discuss economy of Iran but to explain why it is impossible to trust any word that comes out of Islamic regime's officials. Iranian people have paid dearly for trusting any of the elements in Islamic Republic regime from beginning till now. Electing Khatami as president about 10 years ago was the last desperate attempt by Iranian people to show mullahs that there is a serious need for change. Khatami who had gained trust of many Iranians in his political campaign by speaking openly about real issues in the country, failed to accomplish anything other than some superficial reforms in the social affairs while imprisonment and killing of people with opposing views continued and reached a new level.

Although Khatami did not do anything positive for Iranians, he managed to become a Islamic Republic stamp on the foot of many large contracts with European companies in order to secure Islamic regime's position as a legitimate representative of Iranian people in the world. Boycott of presidential election by big majority of Iranian people in 2005 forced Islamic regime one more time to use their magic tricks and pull Ahmadinejad out of ballot box while voters were no where to be seen in most polling stations all over the country.

Ahmadinejad, who was not even known by majority of Iranians, represents true face of Islamic regime. When he speaks about wiping out Israel of the map, he means it but the issue is not really about Israel. The issue is that Islamic regime which is unjustly representing Iranian people, has no respect for many of the values recognized by the world community and Ahmadinejad is a true representation of those views which is fully supported by majority within the Islamic government.

Americans like Europeans are after a solution to remove the threat of Islamic regime from their society while protecting their own interests in Iran and in the region. History of the past 28 years has shown that neither will commit themselves to protect Iranian people against tyranny of mullahs and neither will hesitate to do anything against Islamic regime's capabilities in order to protect themselves. Iranian people need to act fast before catastrophe arrives. Comment


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