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Sir Ruhollah Khomeini
For services to the British crown & country

June 18, 2007

The objective is not to defend the 'organized religion' and sometimes the best is to let it be just like we do not mess around with 'organized crime'. But the intention of this discussion is to show how religion is being used to suppress millions of people. If it wasn't for petroleum and greed of oil; Islam in the eyes of the westerners most likely would have been as dear as Buddhism or any other organized religion.

Salman Rushdie most likely would be nobody if it wasn't for Ruhollah Khomeini. Considering Rushdie's cheap novel Satanic Verses, it would have been ignored even by the most zealot Muslims, but following the British line, it was Khomeini that made a name for this "Indian" author and eventually helped him to get a title of "Sir" and knighthood from Khomeini's bosses.

Since this bizarre masquerade runs almost through three generations it is simple for the naiveté to give credence to this story of how an Indian Muslim-born writer wrote a novel manifesto about Islam called Satanic Verses and became a subject of a death sentence fatwa by Khomeini. After that Rushdie went to hiding and gained fifty pounds and when he came out of hiding Khomeini was gone and the Muslim world was just too busy saving its shirt than worrying about a half-ass writer such as Rushdie.

Islamization of Iran has been a work in progress that goes back to 1970's. The grand scam of pushing back Iran to dark ages has many building blocks among them been to bring Khomeini to power. Khomeini's father was a British spy born in India and was sent to Iran during Ghajars and served the British well and subsequently his son became the key pun in gradual destruction of Iran and was commissioned to Iran to overthrow the Shah.

The ironic situation that many might not pay attention to is that the British plan worked well. One British appointed man with Indian heritage "Khomeini" issues a fatwa of death sentence on another Indian "Rushdie" to basically spread the fire of hatred of the west towards Islam in general and Iran in particular. Although Khomeini was too old and senile to understand what people around him were doing in his name nonetheless his hatred of Iranian nationalism played very well into the British hands who had given Rushdie a mission of publishing his thoughts. The plan so far has worked according to the expectations. When you add up all incidents such as Rushdie rise to knighthood and Iran's nuclear energy ambition, all such issues has given the west carte blanche to do as it pleases; invasion of two countries and isolation of Iran for three decades and to inhibit Iran's economy from any progress by appointing corrupt tyrants into key positions.

This cat and mouse show is not close to an ending by any means yet. The hand-picked Iranians are running the shows in line with British diplomacy and its sphere of influence. From Ahmadinejad a clairvoyant feeble President that sees Imam Zaman and talks to him during his schizophrenic episodes to a world body that despises everything that Iran stands for, all cards are in line to keep Iran from any progress simply because it's the second largest oil producer in the world with huge untapped other natural resources and smart people. The Islamic Republic of Iran has been the best friend of all countries of the world except Iran.

No other nation has been harmed from the Islamic Republic other than the Iranians. This proves that these clans were neither elected nor selected by the Iranians. The grant of knighthood to Rushdie was just another daily dose of reminder to the world that Islam is their number one enemy and they should be afraid of it, very afraid. For all fairness Queen Elizabeth of London should have also awarded a posthumous 'Sir' title and an order of knighthood as a thank you gesture to another servant of the British throne Ruhollah Khomeini. Comment

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Jeesh Daram

Jeesh Daram



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