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Marin Ave
Photo essay: Green Albany & Berkeley

Jahanshah Javid
June 22, 2005

Earlier this month there was a blackout in our area. Since I'm almost always on the computer, the next few hours were extremeley frustrating. There was nothing I could (wanted) to do to kill time. Then I remembered I always wanted to photograph my beautiful neighborhood here in Albany/Berkeley near San Francisco. Here's the first batch: mostly flowers, trees, bushes and weeds along Marin Avenue (Also see video clips). Next I hope to introduce the faces of the growing Iranian-American community here. Enjoy...

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Click on image to see 91

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Video clips Marin Ave
* Classic Thunderbird
* No lights at crossing
* House cleaning
* Wind through the bushes
* Alameda Crossing
* Garage sale sign
* Circle, old man

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