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Making god laugh
Photo essay & video clip: Ebrahim Nabavi at UC Berkeley

Jahanshah Javid
April 10, 2006

Seyyed Ebrahim Nabavi's opening line Sunday night was that from now on he will be telling everyone that he has "spent some time" at UC Berkeley. That alone would immediately elevate him to "Professor Nabavi" he said, just as similar vague claims have furthered the career -- and certainly social status -- of many Iranian officials.

But if you condense all the books written about Iran into a pill that also makes you laugh for two hours, you have Nabavi. He blew away the mostly young audience with simple and naked descriptions of contradictions in the Iranian character, and mixed it with his intimate knowledge of the retards who run the country and the religion they profess. God was especially tickled.

Nabavi will be on stage at other U.S. cities in the next couple of weeks [see here]. Go, laugh and learn from THE professor >>> Photos

>>> Video clip [7 mb]

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