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A day in my life
The kid, work... This has been officially the longest day EVER


February 9, 2006

12:00 AM -- I finally sleep after a busy day at work, and playing with the little one. Dara is becoming a handful and refuses to sleep at 7 PM like he used to. Ah the humanity. I didn't get to finish all I wanted to do. Here is a list of stuff I need to do tomorrow...

5:15 AM -- I hear Dara crying. Naz either can't hear him or more realistically is waiting for me to get him. I don't know how long I slept but I think I just blinked. I look over at my alarm clock. ARGH, it is only 5:15, why couldn't he wake up in another 45 minutes. I go feed Dara and try to put him back in his bed. He is no longer interested in his bed and wants to come to ours. I am too tired to argue with a 10 month old child. I drop Dara between Naz and me and fall back to sleep.

5:30 AM -- I think Dara wants to play because he keeps kicking me in the back. I turn him towards Naz and fall back sleep. I hear Naz grumbling as Dara starts kicking her.

6:00 AM -- The alarm clock goes off. It seems too soon, I check the time to make sure it is correct; it is. I don't trust it and check my cell phone. Dang; it is correct. I begrudgingly get up to take a shower and get ready for the day.

6:30 AM -- Naz is playing with Dara and it is my turn to play with him. His initial reaction to me holding him- Crying.

7:00 AM -- I realize that Naz and I are not going to carpool today so I kiss both of them goodbye and head to work. Except I forget to take my breakfast bar and a drink. So I come back and by the time I get my stuff Naz and Dara have left.

7:30 AM -- I get to work and begin my daily routine by looking at the Yahoo news.

7:35 AM -- I get bored with Yahoo and check out for the latest stuff.

7:45 AM -- I better start to work.

8:00 AM -- I realize it is Wednesday and I get really excited. Yes, tonight they are going to show Lost TV show. Last week's episode was kind of weak but this week's looks to be promising.

8:05 AM -- I check out for possible new articles. None to be found. Darn, I guess I really have to work. Perhaps I should finish my Marriage story line. Well maybe later.

8:35 AM -- Half an hour of hard work is good for anyone; I email Kevin a former coworker and discuss possible plots for Lost.

8:40 AM -- I check -- sadly no new articles. However I am now intrigued by a side link. It is titled "R-rated diversion: Sineh Zani in Sweden". Sadly I am at work and can't check it out. I make a note to check it out later tonight.

9:00 AM -- I am starting to get hungry and need to figure out what to do for lunch. I email Naz and wonder what she is doing for lunch. She and her coworkers are taking out the new hire to lunch at Bennihana. I am extended a lunch invite with 10 women. Not a bad prospect but I know better. I politely pass.

9:05 AM -- I email Chris a former coworker who is foolishly moving to Seattle. Yes during a year that they had record rainfall he chooses to move up. We agree to meet up for lunch. Ironically it is a Japanese restaurant a block away from Bennihana's.

9:35 AM -- I check on -- no new articles. I do a search on Yahoo for Lost plots. Can't find any. I reluctantly start work on my database design. Boring.

10:00 AM -- Perhaps a new article is now published on Nope. However I see a photo essay I had missed earlier. Hole in the Ice. I get cold looking at the pictures. I go to the break room and make myself a hot chocolate.

10:30 AM -- I check my watch, I still have an hour before lunch. I email Kevin again about Lost and wonder what his thoughts are on the character Locke. We agree that he is going crazy. Fun stuff.

11:30 AM -- I am heading out for lunch. Yeah!!

12:15 PM -- While eating lunch with Chris, Kevin walks by. Very surprised we have him sit with us and we discuss Lost.

12:35 PM -- Back at my desk and really full I decide to check out for new articles. I have read everything there. There is a new news article about the cartoons that were published that have offended all Muslims. I have not seen them and I check them out.

1:30 PM -- Naz and I discuss possible dinner solutions. We decide to go to a place by our house. Depending on the temperature we will walk over there or drive. Either way it sound's like fun.

2:30 PM -- I realize all the hard work I have put into my database design has been useless. A better flow needs to be done. My project is due on Friday. I am starting to panic. To calm down I check out

3:30 PM -- This has been officially the longest day EVER. What do I have to do to make it go faster?

4:25 PM -- Yeah I get to leave now. Tonight is going to be good. We are going out for dinner and then a new episode of Lost. Now if Dara cooperates and goes to bed early...

4:45 PM -- I pick up Dara from my mother-in-law's house and proceed to pick up Naz from work. We decided to carpool back home so we get there faster.

5:30 PM -- We are at the restaurant in our usual booth. The waitress loves Dara and keeps coming by to talk to him. We get the best service in our lives tonight. Thank you Dara.

6:45 PM -- We are finally home and we decide to give Dara a bath. He loves baths and water. Hopefully he will enjoy swimming. I suddenly remember the article "Hole in the ice" and get cold. I make myself a hot tea.

7:30 PM -- Dara has been fed, washed and put in PJs. Naz plays with him while I check out my emails from the day.

8:00 PM -- Dara still not interested in going to bed. Only 1 hour remains before Lost begins. I start to play with Dara. He enjoys himself by pulling my hair and scratching my face. I love him.

8:59 PM -- I turn on the TV to our local ABC channel.

9:00 PM -- "Lost" begins. Yeah. I no longer hear anything Naz or Dara say.

9:01 PM -- "Lost" is a repeat. There are no words that I can say that will make this any less painful. I feel betrayed.

9:02 PM -- I decide to go through the mail. That always cheers me up. I have a letter from the DMV. Apparently I am being penalized for not registering my car. This they said is their second notice. I never got the first notice. Now angry I decide to look through my office for a misplaced letter. Nothing to be found.

9:30 PM- Dara is finally sleep. Naz and I are watching a program on LA county. It is fascinating. NOT. Why wasn't there a new Lost tonight? If I could find Robert Iger's (CEO of ABC) telephone number I would give him a call. Alas I decide that it is only a TV show and I must relax.

10:00 PM -- I decide to check out for some new stuff. I remember to check out the "Swedish sineh zani". Amusing.

11:00 PM -- Naz and I go to bed. It has been a long day and we are both tired.

11:59 PM -- Dara wakes me up with his screams.

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