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A play

By Katayoon Hadizadeh
July 1, 2003
The Iranian

We've all heard stories about Jewish people. If you've ever wondered what's true and what's not, do not miss "Jewtopia".

I saw this truly hilarious play last weekend at the Coast Playhouse in Los Angeles. And I confess, this play is worth way more than 25 bucks. It is skillfully written and played with heart. (No wonder most performances are sold out!)

"Jewtopia" is about two men, former schoolmates, who reunite at a Jewish singles mixer. They have both come to find their soul (and life) mates.

Christopher O’Connell is not a Jew but he's looking for a Jewish wife. He thinks that would relieve him from making any decisions for the rest of his life as she would decide everything: what to wear, who to meet, where to go...

His friend, Adam Lipschitz, is a Jew by birth but prefers the gentile lifesyle and hangs out with non-Jewish women because they don't remind him of his mother. But he still has to stick to tradition and find a Jew ish wife.

The two decide to help each other. Adam will teach Chris how to act Jewish and in return Chris will take Adam to "Jewtopia": a virtual world of Jewish women waiting for a Jewish man to ask for their hand!

Here is where the real game starts. Chris wants to be the ultimate Jew and infiltrate the Jewish community whereas Adam is trying his best to find the ideal Jewish wife to bring to his mother's Passover dinner!

Bryan Fogel and Sam Wolfson who wrote "Jewtopia" and act in it, perform so well on stage that sometimes you forget you are watching a play. You can hear Jewish audience members laughing even harder as they have a deeper understanding of the sarcastic context.

"Jewtopia" is a unique concoction; when you leave the playhouse, you are wiser and smiling broadly >>> See also

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By Katayoon Hadizadeh




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