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    June 18, 1999

I come from...

Dear Don,

My name is Ali but friends call me Farhad and I come from the land of Allah, that is ayatollahs or (Iran). It's very nice to hear from someone in Whangarie (New Zealand), that ever wonderful place with nice people, climate and beaches and the magical scenery.

We in Iran (Persia) speak Farsi or Persian, the language that's officially the native tongue of over half the population (48,181463 as of October 1986, including approximately 2.6 million refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq). It is spoken as a second language by the majority of the reminder (Turkik, Arabic, Kirmanji ...). Which all originates from Indo-European languages.

Compared to the Majestic Whangarie, Iran's northern Caspian region is a favorite of mine. It's like a combination of your Tikipunga and Whangarei. To the south of Iran there is also the Persian Gulf, full of warships of all kind. It is hot and dry. During rush hour this particular waterway reminds me of the streets of Manhattan (very crazy). For example, you can be flying in the sky on board a passenger plane one minute and be blasted to the smithereens the nex!

Iran (Persia) has a very diverse climate and cultural heritage that goes back to the Achaemenids (550-330 B.C.) . Today the Islamic Republic of Iran is still in awe of the distinguished Shahanshahi (king's) empire that stretched from the Aegean cost of Asia Minor to Afghanistan to Egypt. It took men such as Alexander, Tamarlane and Khomeini to change its destiny, that is democratically speaking!

You asked if today wrestling is our most favorite sport? Many years back in Persia they favored polo then there was wrestling and, to be honest with you, today it's soccer. I don't want to mention any names of tennis champions here ["Andre the great"].

You said your favorite sport is rugby. According to tradition, rugby football originated from soccer played at Rugby school in Rugby England in 1823 when William Webb Ellis (no relation to the WWW but close enough) broke the rules of soccer by picking up the ball and running like hell mainly to get away from others!

Ali Pourshariati
New York City

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