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April 4, 2000

Come on...

Good Heavens! What in the world is wrong with all those who found the Albright article offensive ["Albright in Tehran"]? The article was obviously a satirical piece regarding news articles on U.S. and Iranian relations. I am an American citizen born and raised here of American parents (descended from those who came not on the Mayflower, but the next ship out as paying passengers) and I am still laughing over this article.

Come on, who in the world could not laugh at the image of Albright in "hejab" meeting her long lost high school love after discovering her "true" heritage (again). Or the idea of the Islamic Women's ski team pictured in full hejab - which would make skiing a bit difficult.

I am lost as to why someone would say Americans are naive to deal with the "oppressive" regime in Iran (Leissner's words, not mine). What is oppressive about this government? It's willingness to say "forget it" to the U.S. government when the government of the United States is trying to dictate the terms of any agreements totally disregarding the Iranians wants and needs? Is Iran more oppressive than China whom the U.S. apparently adores and to whom Clinton wants to grant permanent "most favored nation" status? Or what about Saudi Arabia where elections are not even thought about, much less occur. Do you happen to remember that Iran has completed a full and fair electoral process to elect it's representatives?

Let us please get a reality check and accept this article for how it was meant - a good laugh and nothing more. I can only hope the embassy opening would happen sometime soon as this would means relations have progressed to at least a discussion level between the two countries, something apparently at least some Americans find scary. How very sad.

Liane Neshat


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