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April 3-7, 2000 / Farvardin 15-19, 1379


* April fools.:
- Mollas on Mars

* Iran-U.S.:
- Share the same

- Going to Iran


* April fools.:
- Prozac

- Stupid
- Even Albright will laugh
- Beh shaqiqeh rabt daareh
- Jumping with joy
- What is this, a joke?
- U rock!
- Antar-e doroogh goo!
- Even a serious mag...
- Chill out
- No respect
- Come on...
- Priceless
- Funniest
- 10-minute laugh
- Disgusting
- MY girlfriend
- Tokhm-e jen
- Stupid
- Enjoyable

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April 7, 2000

* Mollas on Mars

WOW! U.S. embassy in Tehran by 2001. That is FANTASTIC! I also read a recent article from the UN's January 2000 Journal that Iran will be the first country to open an embassy on Mars. The Mars opening's projected for 2005 ["Albright in Tehran"].

There are currently a cadres of academicians (mollas), from Qom, learning how to speak Martian. Their comments thus far:"The language is not that hard for us to learn given that twenty some odd years ago we had raml'o ostorla'ab and spoke with the spirit world. for a modest fee!" Happy April 1st!

Ali S.

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One thing we don't have in Iran. Is April fool's day ["Albright in Tehran"].


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* Share the same

I worked for Bell Helicopter International in Esfahan for two years till jan79. I really enjoyed seeing the country and meeting very interesting and kindly people. I hope relations between our countries political forces will improve in the near future as I believe both peoples share the same love of life and family.

Ralph Carroll

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* Going to Iran

I have been dating an Iranian for quite a while now. Things are getting more serious and he recently asked me to go to Iran with him this summer. My family is upset and my friends are worried but I trust him and would love to spend my life with him. Thank you for your perspective on Iran. The Iran you have learned is the one that I know. I wish that the relations were better between our two countries.


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April 6, 2000

* Prozac

Okay -- time out. Some of the reactions I have read regarding that BRILLIANT piece about Albright in Iran ["Albright in Tehran"], almost make me want to go back to being a pre-med major so I can one day arm myself with prescriptive mood drugs.

Several of you are in SERIOUS need of PROZAC and you need to learn how to appreciate humor better. People, it's funny! Stop taking yourselves so seriously; you won't be as stressed out or get as many wrinkles, which would save you some money on all that plastic surgery.

Keep all this dourness up and you'll end up looking like Madeleine Albright! Personally, I think laugh lines are much more attractive...

R. Shirazi

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* Stupid

I was not very impressed with the stupid article that you put forward in your site ["Albright in Tehran"]. In the beginning of the article I really thought that there had been a visit by Albright, but then realized that it was mereley meant to be a 13th day funny joke. Perhaps in the future it would be better to target non -political matters as a subject for our sizde-be-dar.

Dr. Sikaroudi

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* Even Albright will laugh

I was going to complement you on your April Fools article ["Albright in Tehran"], but did not. However, now that I have read some absurd comments against it I will put my two cents in.

It was a very funny and creative joke. Why we Iranians are so contradictive? the gentlemen who exercised his poetic Farsi (Antar...) and the other who asked you not to send such articles, where did they come from and which school of thought do they subscribe to? It was for fun, nobody was insulted and I am sure if Secretary Albright reads it she will laugh whole heatedly.

If we want to get mad at some one, we should get mad at those people who have done an April Fools joke on Iran for the past .... years (pick your number, and believe me it is not 20).

Do put out some more of this type of humor, as it's obvious it's a joke (although I was totally fooled by the first two paragraphs).

Sepehr Sohrab

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* Beh shaqiqeh rabt daareh

One day a passerby saw Molla Nasreddin looking down at the ground in front of his house very diligently as if he was searching for something. He asked politely, "Molla! Are you looking for something? Can I help you look for it?" Molla replied very graciously, "Yes. That would be very kind of you". So the passerby joined in the search for the lost item >>> FULL TEXT

Farzin Forooghi

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April 5, 2000

* Jumping with joy

I had nothing better to do on April 1st so I decided to read The Iranian Times. I was jumping with joy when I saw your article about the U.S. Secretary of State arriving in Tehran ["Albright in Tehran"]. My son noticed right away that it was made up for April Fools Day! I was laughing so hard. We all needed a good laugh. But I hope it will become a reality one day.

Amir Nouri

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* What is this, a joke?

What is this, a joke? I must admit, I didn't find "Albright in Tehran" funny or informative. Please refrain from sending any further comic articles unless clearly marked "Humor".

Darius Parsian

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* U rock!

Gosh. "Albright in Tehran" was THE BEST April Fool (doroogh-e 13) I had gotten in all my life. As soon as I got the article, I was in pure confusion searching the net from CNN to BBC to IRNA to IRIB, and being "sar-e kaar" for a good hour, until I read the article to the end :) Great sense of humor :) JJ (Jahanshah) U ROCK!!! I hope I'm not breaking copyright laws by forwarding your email to friends ;)

Babak Mohit

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* ... antar-e doroogh goo!

If you send someting like this again ["Albright in Tehran"] I`ll fuck you. Goh-e antar-e doroogh goo!

Ehsan M.

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* Even a serious mag...

I knew that we Iranians are very reserved and do not laugh so easily. But I did not know that some of us have no sense of humor at all. This was one of the funniest thing I'd seen and read in a long time ["Albright in Tehran"]. I forwarded that to all my friends.

The timing was so perfect, specially that this year, April fools & 13 Bedar coincided. I think even a serious magazine needs something like that every once in a while. I still wonder how could someone be offended by this? Loosen up a little!

Simin Habibian

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* Chill out

Someone complained that "Albright in Tehran" was not funny. This person either is unfamiliar with the culture that promotes April fools day or, does not follow international news on a daily basis.

Keeping up with daily news would automatically tell us that Albright going to Iran would require lots of preparation and news discussions in the media. One who watches news on a regular basis would have never taken it seriously and would also find humor in that picture. Chill out guys.

Lalleh Sahraie

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April 4, 2000

    * No respect

    Please take me off from your list. I was wrong. I thought this is a serious site not a junky site filled with garbage, wasting people's time and money. I am referring to your Extra News "Albright in Tehran". It was as funny as the administrators of this site. That's why we have this kind of life, "no respect to others". Please no more email.

    Manouchehr Karimi

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* Come on...

Good Heavens! What in the world is wrong with all those who found the Albright article offensive ["Albright in Tehran"]? The article was obviously a satirical piece regarding news articles on U.S. and Iranian relations. I am an American citizen born and raised here of American parents (descended from those who came not on the Mayflower, but the next ship out as paying passengers) and I am still laughing over this article....

I am lost as to why someone would say Americans are naive to deal with the "oppressive" regime in Iran (Leissner's words, not mine). What is oppressive about this government? ... Is Iran more oppressive than China whom the U.S. apparently adores and to whom Clinton wants to grant permanent "most favored nation" status? >>> FULL TEXT

Liane Neshat

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* Priceless

The Ahmadabad and Mosaddegh bit was a really nice touch ["Albright in Tehran"]. I laughed out loud! Also LOVED Madeleine with hijab!. And the Islamic Association of Women Skiers! Priceless! Also loved the geography bits as well as "Jafar is that you?"--- I guess you had to put those in or some idiot would have raised hell about "prfoessionalism" of a journalistic outlet like yours (like I remember they did last year!) Loved it. Very very funny!


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* Funniest

Oh my god. That's one of the funniest things I've seen in a while ["Albright in Tehran"]. Thank you so much -- I am having a piss poor day and needed a laugh.


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April 3, 2000

* 10-minute laugh

Excellent ["Albright in Tehran"]! It was really amazing, especially pictures of Maedeh wearing that scarf was very funny. I had really believed it in the beginning and could not understand how I had been so behind the news!! I had a lot of fun and was laughing at that story for 10 minuets.

Abbas Abbaspur Tamijani

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* Disgusting

Your April Fools day article is extremely silly and stupid ["Albright in Tehran"]! Although Americans are naive and confused enough to resume relations with the oppressive regime of Iran, anticipating such foolishness and elaborating it is the most disgusting thought one could have!

A. Leissner

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* MY girlfriend

Jafar, the interviewer, is lying ["Albright in Tehran"]. Albright was MY girl friend in Shiraz!

M. Shariati

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* Tokhm-e jen

boro tokhm-e jen ["Albright in Tehran"]. bAz ham April 1 shod?!?!?!? :-)

Aref Erfani

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* Stupid

Pretty Stupid! Nothing better to do? ["Albright in Tehran"]

Michael Mullins

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* Enjoyable

Thoroughly enjoyable! Well-done! ["Albright in Tehran"]

Jamshid Bastani

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