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December 8, 2000

I've wondered about it too

As my family has gradually moved to the Bay Area from Chicago over the years, I have taken the westward drive on I-80 from the south suburbs of Chicago to Sacramento three times.

I noticed both of these landmarks (Persia, Iowa, and Elburz, Nevada) on two of the trips and had the same reaction, especially to the one in Iowa.

I commend the patience and sense of curiosity (and also the excellent spread, including the photos, on the website) that led you to write this report as I imagine there are many others like myself that have wondered the same thing, but have not had the inclination to get off the interstate and check it out.

I have actually had several discussions with friends and family regarding the percentage of Iranians (and other immigrant populations) that go on cross-country trips in the US and would be likely to see sites like this (or Paris, IL; St. Petersburg, FL; Cairo, IL; Cuba, MI; etc.).

Unfortunately, the general conclusion has been that most of us don't get up and drive around this country for hours unless motivated by necessity (the traditional Iranian weekend pilgrimage from LA to Las Vegas a notable exception).

In any case, thanks for writing this report.

Raman Yousefi


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