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December 27, 2000

Thank god for women's freedom

In response to Bahram ["Terrorize women..."] and Mr. Yamini ["Iran has seen worse..."]:

Bahram, let me get this straight. You are publicly advocating "terrorism" against Iranian women if they choose to date or love men outside their nationality and race. For the sake of debate, and also for me to understand your reasoning, I'd like you or anybody else who agrees with you, to answer the following questions:

What purpose and who's purpose do you think it would serve to force an Iranian woman to be with an Iranian man whom she doesn't love or prevent her from being with a man she loves?

Do you suggest we should terrorize Iranian men who fall in love with non-Iranian women and choose to be with them?

How exactly should we terrorize Iranian women? Should we use the tactics in Iran? In Arabia? In Africa? Do those tactics work? Are they right?

Do you think terrorizing Iranian women will make them love Iranian men more? Can you force love or desire?

Do you think that oppressing female sexuality works in favor of men or against men?

How far would you go in oppressing a female's sexual and emotional desires? Forced marriages? Physical isolation? Cultural ostracism ? Female circumcision?

In my opinion, there are reasons why young Indian women in the U.S. refuse to date and marry Indian men. Or why Asian women find American men more affectionate and desirable than their own Asian men.

Nothing but goodness and love can bring love. Women are just as deserving of love and fulfillment as men are, and everyone on earth should thank god that more and more women have the freedom every day to find love and fulfillment. The more women can love, the more love there is on earth.

I am all for Iranians marrying Iranians, but I resent your defense of these oppressive and chauvinistic cultures in the name of perserving Iranian culture and nation. Your ideas are a disgrace to all Iranian men, to Iranian culture, and to humanity. I'm just waiting anxiously to hear the responses of Iranian men who read The Iranian.

I think Iranian men like you must reform themselves to learn that they must earn the love and affection of Iranian women or they will lose them. It's very simple. You do not inherently have a right to an Iranian woman's heart simply because you are Iranian. You must offer her true love and respect and earn her affection. Iranian women have the courage and heart to marry outside their race or culture for love.

Maryam and many like her have done so. I applaud them. If a woman does marry outside her nationality, then she probably wasn't fulfilled somehow by an Iranian man. Maybe emotionally, sexually, intellectually. Who knows? Maybe by all three. Is that the problem maybe? Do Iranian men feel inferior???? Was the entire manhood of the Iranian nation taken away by one fabulous Iranian woman marrying a non-Iranian? Awww....

How pathetic.

As for Mr. Yamini ["Iran has seen worse..."]. Sir, your pseudo-intellectual explanation of racism does not hide the fact that you are a bigot. Neither does your claim to being part of a "silent majority." If this is true, and you are their spokesperson, thank you for speaking up for those Iranian bigot cowards.

For the record, this is a free forum, everyone has the opportunity to write. There is not one group of frightened racists and another group of intellectual rebels. Mr. Yamini, if you see few people writing about your views, maybe it's because they don't agree with you, or maybe it's because your racism and bigotry are indefensible; your ignorance is exposed at first glance. I am not insulting you. I am stating fact.

I don't care that you are a racist. Be a racist and admit that your mind is small, but don't you dare commit the Iranian nation to your ignorant views, don't you dare make a connection between our rich culture of love and tolerance and your pea-sized brain. And if you do, you better believe that I, as an Iranian woman, will be vocal and will fight your characterization of my culture. I'll be damned before I sit here and not condemn your hate in the name of Iranian culture.

The color of skin and skeletal features do not endure time, Mr. Yamini; there is nothing valuable about them. They change with the evolution of nature. Love is what endures and last for eternity, and that alone will decide the evolution of nature. Love, goodness, and kindness are the fundamentals of our rich and ancient culture not the ignorance, fear, and hate which you promulgate. Remember, Pendaar-e nik, Kerdaar-e nik, Goftaar-e nik; those are the fundamentals which are Iranian.

I am not for or against interracial marriages. Humans should support human bonds based on love. It should be no surprise that interracial children are the most beautiful on this planet. They, more than any other, were made from bonds of love.

History should teach us all a lesson. An Iranian woman will adapt and survive, despite the obstacles put before her, but force will not buy her love, her passion, or her obedience. And there's no doubt that an Iranian woman's heart is her ultimate ruler.

Dokhi Fassihian


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