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January 7, 2000

Really really mad

I just read that Iranians have chosen Khomeini for the second Iranian of the century. I cannot believe it. Some people say that he gave Iran dignity and independence. I just do not get it. I am an Iranian and my dad can not go back to Iran because of that bastard. He destroyed Iran. The whole Iranian culture and civilization has been destroyed because of him.

When I meet people who have arrived from Iran. They tell about poverty and high prices. The life in Iran is really hard. Nobody can do anything for fun. Young people do not know anything about their real culture because those primitive and crazy mollas have changed everything in Iran. Even people have changed.

I am really really upset right now. I am mad at those Iranians who are living abroad and having the best fun and do everything they want to do and then they claim that they love Khomeini. Why do they live abroad if they love Khomeini? They have to go back to Iran and live in that country that he has made for Persia.

I hate Khomeini and I curse on him every day. Because of him I am sitting here among strangers in a strange country -- a country where nobody likes Iran because of Khomeini.

People of Iran deserve what they get. They do not deserve a leader who does everything for his country. They do not deserve a leader who is proud of being an Iranian. They deserve poverty, high prices, boring lives, many mollas, no joy, tears, and graves. They deserve to sit there and whatch the development in the Arab countries. They deserve to move to other countries and be called primitive, fundamentalist and terrorist.

Sometimes I hate my people because they did something that my generation is paying the price for. They ruined the future for me and coming generations. Those people are not the followers of Koroush, Dariush. I do not want to see my name in your letters section, but I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW WHAT I FEEL ABOUT THEM AND ABOUT WHAT THEY DID TO PERSIA.. GO BACK TO IRAN.



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