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July 17, 2000

A tad racist

Mr Reza Vatandust sounds like 'Daei Jan Napoleon': he says the "the mortal enemy of the Persian race" is England. How amusingly out-dated!

I am an Azeri-Iranian living on the soil of the "mortal enemy" in London. I am sorry to disappoint you Mr Vatandust, but for a "Vatandust" you sound a tad racist.

If you cared to read about our history you would be rather shocked to discover that Iran, as we know it today, was unified and at the height of its glory under a Turkish-speaking clan (the Safavids) in the 17th century. Turkic dynasties ruled Iran right up to the 20th century (the Qajars).

This does not make the Azeris or anyone else a "super race". It just indicates that Iran unlike many states in Asia and Africa is a relatively successful multi-ethnic state. The unifying force in Iran has been the strength and beauty of the Persian culture, not the Persian race.

Your concept of a "Persian super race" is as non-existent and grotesque as Hitler's "Aryan" one.

Katy Jarrah-Layegh


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