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July 10-14, 2000 / Tir 20-24, 1379


* Politics:
- We can only try
- What a surprise!
- Persian Super Race


* Iran-U.S.:
- Sanctions will make things worse
- Sticking together
The Iranian:
- Totally addicted
- Know what you're talking about
- Obsession with greatness
- I love the simplicity
- Need web site on Iranian film
- Part of Persian music

* Tribal:
- The last khan

* Politics:
- Two roads

- Babolsar square
- Feeling Googoosh

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July 14, 2000

* We can only try

I have been reading a lot of articles about the reform and democracy that is sweeping Iran. Almost everyting seems to be about superficial freedoms. I would like to emphasize that those who are risking their lives are more concerned about real change that would:

A) Improve the economic situation

B) Bring about more and better jobs

C) Eliminate crime

D) Educate people to understand and learn tolerate and diversity

E) Bring better relations will all countries

F) Give freedom to a responsbile press to guard over freedom and point the finger at corrupt politicians by any means

G) Allow peaceful transition from one political party to the next when people change their mind, and

H) Make sure all segments of society are positively affected by the laws (especially the disabled).

We would like to see all the benefits that exist in other countries around the world without their negatives. But I am not sure if this is possible in a short time. We have so much to overcome; centuries of abuse and tyranny. We can only try.

Mahmoud Shafiabady

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* What a surprise!

Hhhm. Interesting "articles"? I went to the link in the Anyway section on Thursday expecting to read an article on a Persian fitness instructor. You know, like I thought here's an article on a Persian woman who is not a doctor, engineer, or lawyer, but look how she still enjoys her job. You know, just an interesting story.

Hhhm. I was a little surprised because it's a link to a London Escort service where for money, this Persian princess can be purchased! What a surprise!

N. Prissygrl

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* Persian Super Race

The Persians from Iran, are a splendid, gentle, clever, charismatic, powerful, noble race of people who have been running the show for almost 7000 years.

It's Iran that sets the terms not the West. Westerners merely react to the policies set by Iran. Because, very simply, we the Persians are natural politicians. We are better than the mortal enemy of the Persian race (England ), in politics. The day will come when we shall command unadulterated respect once more.

God bless the Persian Super Race.

Reza Vatandoust

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July 13, 2000

* Sanctions will make things worse

Dear Congressman Brad Sherman,

It has come to my attention through the large Iranian-American community of Southern California that you are about to introduce a bill that reverses the partial lifting of economic sanctions against Iran, as adopted by the State Department in March...

The simple fact is that hardliners within Iran survive on a motto of anti-American rhetoric and place the blame of all of the country's ills on the United States. More importantly, they use these slogans to muffle the voices of reform, reason, and moderation by accusing them of being American agents and enemies of Islam.

Therefore, any reinstatement of sanctions against Iran, will not only not make the smallest difference in the condition of the ten Iranian Jews, but it will probably make it worse for them in addition to hurting Iran's movement towards democracy >>> FULL TEXT

Danny K

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* Sticking together

Yourt Daryaa Kenaar club is an applaudable task. We, the Iranians, have gone through a lot during the past twenty years.

We have seen a lot of bad things happen to our people and we have always stuck together because our culture taught us so.

Life here in the U.S. or for those who call Europe home has not been easy. Minorities of all backgrounds stick together here and voice their opinions. But what about us?!

Just look at the Ellian Gonzalez case! There are thousands of people being deported everyday from the U.S. and nobody gives a damn.

I applaud you for taking the first step in getting our people to start communicating together.

A.B. Morawej

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* Totally addicted

I am totally addicted to The Iranian Times. It is the only thing I look forward to when I am driving to work at 6:20 in the morning. Thank you.

Samila B.

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July 12, 2000

* Obsession with greatness

What is this Iranian obsession with Great Males, Great Leaders, your Favorite Fantastic Person of the Milllenium and all that ["Iranian of the Century"]. Not only is it worrying and slightly infantile, historically. It's done much more harm than good.

Tirdad Zolghadri

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* Feeling Googoosh

I have spent the day listening to Googoosh's music while writing. Not knowing Persian or Farsi it is amazing how a person can feel the emotion expressed in her voice. This has all been a good learning experience for me.

Charles Roberson

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* Know what you're talking about

I just thought I would send you an email and compliment you for your funny article ["Those (pesky) Persian women"]. I know exactly what you're talking about. I live in San Jose, California. There is a very big Persian community here and it's even worse because everyone knows each other.I wish there was an article talking about attitudes of younger Persian women like yourself. That would be very interesting.

Don Hashari

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July 11, 2000

* Two roads

I found this literary piece a stark reminder of individuals in Iran, who, I can say, "just don't get it" or just do not want to get it ["Generational gap"].

Judging by my experiences in Tehran, on vacation, I can say the "new generation" of Iran is falling into the culturally indoctrinated spiral of the pre-revolutionary generation. That is to say, in this glorious period of reform in the Islamic Republic, there are over-eager youngsters who are missing the point completely.

I am have never been to judge from clothes or musical preference, but disrespect to a religious intermediary of any faith (regardless of the fact that one may have a reason to or not) is unpermissable. More specifically, I fear that Iran may go into two directions at this ideological junction we are at >>> FULL TEXT

Arya Abedin

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* I love the simplicity

Looking through The Iranian Arts section I saw your wonderful art work which I found unbelievably refreshing and unique ["Solitude"]. I love the simplicity of your drawings and the nature of your designs. They are contemporary and very pleasing to look at.

I myself am an amateur artist who works in more or less the same style, and have been looking to decorate my home with the same kinds of designs.

Perception of an art piece is always different depending who looks at it, and it should always be what looks good to it's creator >>> FULL TEXT

Babak Motamedi

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* Need web site on Iranian film

I would like to draw your attention on what I believe is absolutely important for the cultural preservation of Iranian film and television programs especially those belonging to the pre-revolutionary era. films like "Atash bedooneh dood" or "Deliraneh tangestaan", "Sultaneh Saheb Garaan" or the "Cow", "Daiejan Napoleon" and many others.

I think it is important to be able to create web pages on the filmography of those years which could include film stills, interviews as well as the stories that took place behind the scenes >>> FULL TEXT

Dariush Kadivar

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July 10, 2000

* Part of Persian music

I was viewing your website and I noticed that you do not include the Persian lyricists in your Music section. The likes of Leila Kasra, Iradj Janati Attaie, Ardalan Sarfaraz, Masood Amini, Amir Farrokh Tajalli, Homa Mir Afshar, etc.

If this is an oversight, well, please do pay attention and if not, then please have a category for the Persian song writers, as they are as much part of the texture of Persian music and artist society as anyone else in your category.


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* The last khan

Few days ago I heard the news that the last khan in our family has died. This might surprise many of you. We come from the Chahar-Mahal Bakhtiari. For those Iranians who are not familiar with their country, it is situated in south west of Iran and it is relatively close to Isfahan .

Chahar-Mahal Bakhtiari is located by the Zagroos mountain and it has the most beautiful virgin scenery in the country.

Well getting back to Agha Khan, he was, after my father, one of the most well known people in the region. He was powerful, loved and respected by the people. And his real name was truly Agha Khan.

My father and him were cousins and used to get together and talk for hours about the land they loved so much and their children's future abroad.

I had the pleasure of knowing Agha Khan. He reminded me of my father and therefore he had a special place in my heart. I shall miss the last khan in our town.

Ferial Mosharaf Ol Molk

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* Babolsar square

Babolsar has got a new statue in middle of the city. This is a statue of Balal Habashi. Everybody in Babolsar is laughing about it. They say we didn't have enough muezzins and they brought us a new one.

The first statue in the famous square in Babolsar was of Reza Shah. Then it was replaced with name of Allah on a cloth. Then there was a portrait of Khomeini. And now Balal Habashi has replaced all of them ["Babolsar zoo"].

What or who will be next?


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