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June 22, 2000

Age has nothing to do with it

I have taken offense to the categorization of Googoosh as a middle-age woman past her prime who should just stay out of the limelight to save herself the embarrassment of looking foolish ["Khosh oomadi"]. Stay home and watch Britney Spears's belly button on MTV then.

I happen to think middle-age women are much more attractive, beautiful, and capable than any women in their twenties. They are confident of who they are, and boy is that intimidating to the men who want to control them.

PLEASE! This juvenile worship of young women is so typical it is sickening. If you look at any of our singers from Hayedeh to Delkash or even Cuban diva Celia Cruz (who is still knocking them dead at age 79), you can see, age has nothing to do with it. It's about talent and hard work. The age thing is really irrelevant.

I am so excited to see the woman who brought a sense of glamor, fashion, and beauty to the women in Iran has come to sing again. She expressed herself the way she wanted to and she has paid a price for it. It will be a healing for her to come out and sing again and I will be there to support her.

I personally was affected when she cut her hair and it was suddenly okay to do so. I was very young but I realized that she was going against tradition. I was the first in line to cut off the dead protein on my head and for years I wore my hair short and got away with it because it was a "googooshy" (I still prefer it that way).

She lived the way she wanted to and that made all the difference, but as I said before, she paid a price for it. Everybody has tried to control this woman since age five.

I just want to thank her for having the courage to bring a fresh perspective on self expression as a woman in Iran. It made a huge difference in my life when I was growing up.



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