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June 22, 2000

We did not choose the Shah

I would like to thank F. Rafat for responding to Farah Pahlavi's letter, "Shah's Return in 1953". There are some good points. I will add some more.

The facts are that we Iranians did not choose our leader (Shah). He was given to us by the British and then the U.S.. He came back in 1953 by the WILL of the U.S. and for the price of $60,000 and NOT the will of the majority of the people, unless you call Shaaban Bimokh and his gang of hoodlums the majority of the people!

Mrs. Pahlavi, as second in command, is responsible for all events in Iran for all those years. Yes, the credit is her's for all the killings, murders, political imprisonments, trips to Europe for winter skiing, summer swimming, and Disneyland, courting foreign visitors with food and wine imported from Europe...., while in some parts of the country (Iran, remember?) there are no hospitals, clean drinking water, telephone, drugstore,....the list can go on for ever.

How can one claim to be Iranian, or just human, and simply not care? I remember when Mrs. Marcos was saying: "But, nobody understands me." Yes, Iran will rise again from the ashes that THEY left us.

Thanks to The Iranian for providing this democratic environment so we can see who people are.



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