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November 9, 2000

Not my intention

In reply to Ramin Tabib's letter, "Trivial squabbling ", I wanted to apologize if I have offended you in any way for that was not my intention for writing my piece ["Happy without you"]. I was simply voicing my opinion on Cyrus Raafat's "Real Iranian girls?"

In addition, I would like to inform you that I do not categorize men or women for we are all different individuals just looking for the meaning of life and trying to find happiness and peace within ourselves. I understand my piece is bold and well, a bit rude!

However, after reading Mr. Raafat's piece those were the emotions I were feeling for he had insulted me personally by his article. And well, as you can see I submitted my response around a month ago when I read Mr. Raafat's piece.

Once again I apologize for your discomfort, I was simply voicing my opinion for Mr. Raafat and as you should know writing is not my occupation and therefore, the piece may seem across as a generalized piece.

Thank you for taking the time to response in regards to the article.

Banafsheh Pirasteh


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