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October 23, 2000

Long live the shah

I read your letter titled, "Shah should be fully blamed" with amazement and to say that it distressed me is putting it rather mildly.To see that some people are vomiting at the Pahlavi name disturbs me greatly, not for the fact that you feel this way, but it simply reaffirms my concern at the level of knowledge and common sense of a great number of my fellow countrymen and women and some of the reasons why after so many years in exile I have had to face the fact that I have lost the country I once loved and cherished.

When you vomit under such circumstances, if one has any sense, one would call a doctor. Not having that sense, it is no wonder that you seem to be under hallucination. You agree that Khomeini has ruined our nation. Did you know that 30 million Iranians voted for him!?

You mention the Shah was completely out of touch with his nation as he insisted in promoting Western lifestyle to a conservative middle eastern society. No wonder you vomit, as you do not have enough sense to realise that Iranian national culture as presented by Ferdosi, Molavi, Saadi, Hafez and hundreds of other Iranians is by far superior to Western culture which is leaning towards hypocracy and machiavelism. The Shah only noticed our backwardness in technology and he pushed towards industrialising the country. By great civilisation he meant a culture with advance technology, without hypocracy and machiavelistic leadership.

No wonder you vomit, when you claim that Iran was one of the largest producers of oil in the planet, yet the country's infrastructure was similar to a backward African country, when you do not have enough sense to realise that when Reza Shah came to power, the only electricity plant which existed in Iran was a 10 kw generator in Mashad and people even had difficulty moving even short distances from one part of a village to another. At those times the general attitude of people towards science was similar to the Taliban. Those who tried to teach Iranian girls reading or writing were considered infidel and were liable to the death sentence. They therefore had to teach girls at night time and in the strictest confidence. By just wishing that someone else create an infrastructure for such a country is not enough! Especially when during the most of that period the share of oil received by the Iranian government was practically negligible.

No wonder you vomit when you claim that the Shah spoke about ranking Iran as a major industrial power like France and Britain but we did not have enough highways in and around our capital in order to accomodate for the ever growing population. In the early 70s, a great percentage of our country still did not have asphalt roads, running water, electricity and telephone service. It was only in the early 70s that the Shah could push the oil companys to get a decent share of oil income, and to build infrastructure in such a huge area, it takes more than oil income and it takes time. You argue that the most advanced jets of the imperial airforce proved ineffective in Iran-Iraq war.

No wonder you vomit when you do not have enough sense to realise that with a clear sign of weakness of management, after removal of the Shah, Iraq attacked Iran, costing a million deaths and maimed people. While during the Shah period, when Iranian navy moved up shat-ul-arab, Iraq government could not venture even to argue the case. You invite us to visit Saudi Arabia to witness how their royal family has built a modern country out of desert sand while keeping intact their original values.

One wonders how one does not realise that Iran with 10 times the population of Saudi Arabia had one third of the oil income which saudi arabia had. Further more nice road and beautiful buildings does not reflect the level of civilisation of a country!! You only have to see the way women live in that coutry to get a more realistic picture. This also shows ones lack of ability to distinguish superiority of an Iranian culture to a semetic culture. You may visit Iran, South and North of Tehran and see how their original values has been kept under Islamic government, with the rise of all kinds of crime.

You mention the trouble actually began when Reza Shah put his bet on the Nazis and that when he lost the bet, in effect the Pahlavis rule was done with. However the Pahlavis were lucky because the allies decided to install Reza Shah's son as a mere puppet so that they could continue to exploit Iran's resources. The facts are that during Reza Shahs reign, imperialist countries never helped the Iranian government and did their best to keep their status quo as they have subsequently admitted, this was not in their national interest. It was only the German government advisors who undertook building industrial plants and supplied Tehran university and technical schools with educational materials. It is surprising how you could expect that not taking the root that the Reza Shah took which you call a 'bet', you could expect to achieve your aspirations.Through asking for help from imperialistic, machiavelistic countries? If it was not for Reza Shah, we would have had a government like the 'Taliban'.

It is no wonder you vomit when you call Mohammad Reza Shah a puppet which means that you are totally negating your national culture and identity. The comment you make in the form that the Shah ran away at the first sign of trouble and an ally had to go back to Iran and reinstall the puppet, it is no wonder that you feel like vomiting because you do not have enough sense to distinguish the misinformation published by undercover experts of the Imperialist Governments which are the natural enemies of Iran. (Only a few weeks ago as part of my current professional training, which I may add has nothing to do with the world of politics, I came across an ex-inteligence officer purely as a matter of chance, having worked as an ex-officer in middle eastern countries. I only wish there were a few people like youselves there to listen to the conversation we had about my country and many others, giving me a first hand account of his previous activities, from which he has now changed direction from! That could be another full chapter which I will not go into now.)

When you mention that in 1963 it was Alam who stood against Khomeini, you should be asking on who's authority Alam acted upon? He was prime minister appointed by the Shah, to deal with general problems!! Having seen the results of 20 years of democracy in Iran, you must be deaf and blind not to see that in a country where education level is limited, democracy means government of the unscrupulous, charlatan and rogue, using ignorance of the people to the advantage of the imperialistic masters. It is with regret that you do not notice when heads of Imperilaist governments make democracy as a precondition to acceptance of any third world country, that it is a dirty aim behind this beautiful jesture.

When you mention that the Shah decided to use extreme force by opening fire on ordinary citizens at Jalleh square and when he noticed that it was not effective he ran away with billions of dollars leaving his nation at the mercy of the ruthless fanatics, no wonder you feel like vomiting when you are so senseless not to realise the statements of Yasser Arafat and his terrorists who admitted it was them who opened fire at the army which forced the army to retaliate. In fact Shah's order to the army was not to create even a nose bleed. The mention of the Shah taking billions of dollars is a reflection of your paranoia. Did he leave his nation at the mercy of the ruthless fanatics or the 30 million people who voted for the Islamic republic.

When you asked are you nauseated yet, the answer is no. I don't feel nauseated. I feel like crying, not for the dead, but for the living. I feel like crying when I notice that Iranian educated people do not realise that Iranian culture is shaped by people like Ferdosi, Molavi, Saadi, Hafez and hundreds of others. When Iranian masters learnt about semetic culture and the atmosphere of terror which it creates, they created a power to deal with this. They symbolised a leader of a country 'The Shah', with characteristics needed for the development of the country. Characteristics which they had accepted for Ahura Mazda and to enable the leader to deal with Allah, they addressed him as shadow of the God, Ahura Mazda.

I feel like crying to see many Iranians have lost their self-esteem and are not in touch with reality. They have lost touch with their culture, and follow the mirage presented to them by vested interests of the Imperialistic countries. LONG LIVE THE SHAH.

Lida S.


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