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September 5, 2000

Tears for Googoosh, not just Iran

In addition to the "Malaagheh" letter, I would like to respond to "Baptized in tears" gibberish as well, point by point, and more. I was also at the New York concert. Yes, everyone was crying but every tear shed was out of joy. Rozeh khooni is a melancholic event. The comparison was absolutely irrelevant.

I have never known an artist being able to make 15,000 people cry at the same time. All the tears were shed for Googoosh and not just Iran and nostalgia of good old days. If Iran had never experienced a revolution and was still under Pahlavi monarchy and Googoosh had still decided not to sing for 21 years, the same tears and wave of emotions would have existed in her concert.

There maybe singers with better voices than hers but they can not touch people's souls like Googoosh. She captivates hearts and possesses the key to locked doors of one's soul. Her passion in delivering her music is in the same caliber as Edith Piaf and Maria Callas.

I don't know how people come up with comparing her to Madonna just because they are both trendsetters. Googoosh is a pioneer of different kind

The love for Googoosh goes deeper than her physical appearance and fashion statements. She is freshly unique and original. If part of her uniqueness has "Western struck" attributions, then be it. If freedom of sexuality is in "blowing bleached hair in the balmy summer nights" and is what you think Googoosh represents, then I suggest a serious look at yourself as a woman.

The music was great and I don't think Googoosh ever sang with a better group of musicians. It's true, her new songs are not political. Only a person who is not aware of their spirituality and/or suffers from illiteracy in Persian can call her new songs "not catchy". She, in fact, has dedicated her voice to history.

Fariba Behnegar


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