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January 30, 2001

Democracy through trade

First of all, allow me to clarify my wake-up call letter and not mix apples with bananas. Other readers have raised questions such as:

-- Who will replace the thieves in Iran?

-- Has he (Amoo Sam) got a suggestion?

-- Is he willing/able to take action?

These questions/issues are answered in my original letter. Banafsheh Zand (and the rest of you loyal readers), take the bananas out of my letter (all references to the Young Shah, basement disco bunkers, wannabes, etc..) and you will be left with just apples.

The point is that Washington (home to Amoo Sam), must ENGAGE the IRI, drop economic sanctions, sign oil & gas, power, telecom and other infrastructure-related contracts with the IRI, send American technicians, equipment and general business expertise to Iran and through our technical and economic power foster democracy in Iran.

Secondly, Banafsheh Zand, what's ghormeh sabzi? Can we chat in you kitchen while you prepare it for me?

Amoo Sam


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