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Jan 29-Feb 2, 2001 / Bahman 10-14, 1379


* Organization:
Personal vandeta
* Tehranian:
* Monarchy:
Bozak namir...
* Money:
Googoosh $$$


* Organization:
Political activities without permission
* Identity:
Never a Persian
* Religion:
Little democracy in any religion
* Home:
His story our story
* Monarchy:
- Misunderstanding the facts
Dream on!
- Need a leader
Citizen Pahlavi has my vote
- Democracy through trade
- The chance to choose
- Besyar khub
- Me and millions of others
In all fairness
- Don't ignore the message
- Like any other king
- Too much ghormeh sabzi
- Logical, powerful

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February 2, 2001

* Personal vandeta

I read Guive Mirfendereski's article ["Power of one"] and found it highly provocative. It seems that Mr. Mirfendereski has used his bully pulpit (as a regular contributor to The Iranian Times) to settle a personal vendetta against Dr. Kamyar Kallantar-Zadeh... Mr. Mirfendereski's comment about the PWC leadership being "bigots" is a fabrication at best and a personal vendetta gone awry at worst. Please spare us from his future rantings >>> FULL TEXT

Shahram Mostarshed
San Jose, CA

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* Inclusionary

All in all, I consider Dr. Tehranian's inclusionary and progressive views ["Pacific Islam"] as a helpful constituent of the enlightenment that is taking place in our civil-society (Jameah Madani), and in the larger scheme of things >>> FULL TEXT

Farid Marjai

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* Bozak namir...

Bozak namir bahaar miyaad kharbozeh baa khiyaar miyaad.

Please tell the Reza Pahlavi: keep dreaming ["Citizen Pahlavi"]. It was after all his father's arrogance which brought the country down.

Where the hell has he been for the last 21 years? They stole enough money to live like royalty all this time.

Please tell him to shut up and grow up.


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* Googoosh $$$

Is The Iranian Times receiving $$$$$$$ from Googoosh to mention her in the newsletter every day? What is the deal? Why doesn't aby other artist (Iranian) receive this much attention from you? Just wanted to know!!!

Behrooz Jalayer

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February 1, 2001

* Clairvoyance

With all due respect to your clairvoyance, how can you conclude that: "Given a choice, there's "absolutely" no doubt that the people would choose a democratic republic rather than the restoration of the monarchy." ["Citizen Pahlavi"] Do you base this statement on the latest Gallop-poll of Iran's political inclanation or is this viewsimply your own opinion >>> FULL TEXT

Amir Arsalan Afkhami

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* Misunderstanding the facts

I read an interesting article, "Citizen Pahlavi", which, if I may would like to comment on few points mentioned...

We are talking of constitutional monarchy where no one is above the law, be it the Shah or a peasant. Therefore, the constitutional monarchs such as; the Queen of England (as you've mentioned) or that of Denmark or Holland do not rule over their nations. You talk of modern politics and claim that monarchy is outdated >>> FULL TEXT

Ahmad Kashani

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* Political activities without permission

This week the Society of Iranian Professionals (SIP) in Northern California has invited Mr. Afrasiabi to talk about the "Dialogue Among Civilizations and Iran's Foreign Policy."

SIP supposed to be a non-political organization without any political affiliation or agenda. But in the last two years this organization has been working directly with the Islamic Republic of Iran in various capacities; and it has also been in direct contact with Islamic Republic representatives in New York, Washington DC, etc. without the permission of its members >>> FULL TEXT

Azita Mahdavi

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* Never a Persian

I read the artice ["Marring me"]. Very intresting. However I must add that as a young Iranian I will never introduce myself as Persian or anything else just to be accepted by my wife's family (future wife I must say since I am not married :)) . Best wishes for both Siamack and Varinder

Reza Niazi

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January 31, 2001

* Dream on!

I can not believe all the talk about monarchy again ["What future"]. All this talk just because Mr. Pahlavi and friends decided this is a good time to start talking about it again... What has he done in the past 22 years with all the money and power that he has ?

Come on! You can't wake up one day and decide that today I want to be king again. I guess I am wrong. You can >>> FULL TEXT

Bardia Saeedi

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* Need a leader

The problem with all of us Iranians today is that we don't like to agree with one another. We know that we need a leader and that's really the only way to end the contagious perplexity that's spreading among our community. Yet, we can not get it together and forget about the bullshit criticisms ["Citizen Pahlavi"].

This is no time to evaluate a former prince who's father made a few political gurus unhappy >>> FULL TEXT


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* Little democracy in any religion

Much applause for Mr. Mahdavi for an argument that was well done and illuminating ["Minority rule"]. However:.. there is little democratic flavor in any of the world's unitarian religions, whether it is Islam (in all its varieties), Catholicism or Judaism. No unitarian religion can honestly allow for majority rule since unitarian religions by their nature are absolutis >>> FULL TEXT

Ramin Tabib

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* His story our story

Not everyone has the gift of expressing their inner self and true feelings and certainly not everyone can observe and notice their surroundings...

Hossein Samiei's story of the night of leaving Iran is his story and ours ["The mirror and the book"]. The details are a bit different, but the setting and the feelings are so recognizable >>> FULL TEXT

Poopak Ta'ati

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January 30, 2001

* Citizen Pahlavi has my vote

Reza Pahlavi has stirred up a debate among Iranians about the future of our country ["Citizen Pahlavi"]. He gets my vote for the following reasons:

He is a modern man. When I listen to Reza Pahlavi, I feel this is a man who belongs to my generation. I can relate to him. Let's face it, more than twenty years of exile in the United States, has taught him as we as all of us many lessons about tolerance, freedom and secularism >>> FULL TEXT

Ali Sarshar

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* Democracy through trade

First of all, allow me to clarify my wake-up call letter and not mix apples with bananas... The point is that Washington (home to Amoo Sam), must ENGAGE the IRI, drop economic sanctions, sign oil & gas, power, telecom and other infrastructure-related contracts with the IRI, send American technicians, equipment and general business expertise to Iran and through our technical and economic power foster democracy in Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Amoo Sam

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* The chance to choose

From my understanding of politics, and knowing Reza Pahlavi for the intellectual that he is, by no means, does he consider himself attached to the peacock throne. Instead, what he is devoted to is the principle that Iranians have an inalienable right to live in freedom and as such in a free society the truth must be spoken and heard.

So, to end this response letter let me state for the record that as an Iranian who shall one day promote and defend the merits of a democratic republic in Iran, I can tell you this much that Reza Pahlavi, in my mind, has always been a true citizen of Iran and will continue to be a committed citizen of our great country >>> FULL TEXT

Shahriar Shahabi

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* Besyar khub

Sokhanrani-e akhir-e Reza Pahlavi nomreye "besyar khub" dasht. ["Democratic republic or...?"]... Aknun, Shahzade Reza Pahlavi va daneshjuyan-e Iran parchamdaran-e pishtaz-e Jebheye Azadi va Abadi-e Iran-e Bozorg hastand. Reza Pahlavi-e 40 sale, be rahbari-e nasl-e now baraye bazsazi-e Iran-e Novin omid baste... Dasteshan dard nakonad va dameshan garm >>> FULL TEXT

Dr Shodja Eddin Ziaian

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* Me and millions of others

The editorial "Citizen Pahlavi" was one of your most profoundly powerful articles ever published. Great job to you guys.

You literally spoke my thoughts and my mind (and I bet millions of other anti-shah people out there).

I am very proud of for speaking up and standing to your humanitarian and political values. Also thank you for clarifying what true democracy is.

Babak Aminiam

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January 29, 2001

* In all fairness

You have raised various points in your editorial "Citizen Pahlavi", which need to be addressed in the spirit of judiciousness.

1. "No politician or political group outside Iran can have a major impact on what goes on inside. Iran is very different from 1979." You are right in so far as change has to finally come from within Iran. However taking into consideration the repressive and violent atmosphere within Iran, it would only be prudent for any organisation to develop and initiate plans in safe havens outside of Iran's borders >>> FULL TEXT

Aliya Kiani

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* Don't ignore the message

The opinion you have expressed in ""Citizen Pahlavi" completely ignores the message, which was delivered by Reza Pahlavi. Instead you have focused on the cons of monarchy, which in all honesty is not the issue at this point in time.

The message, which was delivered, is plain and simple: Unity and support for a national referendum to determine "the nature and fate of a future system of government in Iran' >>> FULL TEXT

Nazenin Ansari

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* Like any other king

I could not agree more with your article ["Citizen Pahlavi"]... Mr. Pahalavi is no different than other kings looking for subjects that drawn them in flattery and blind admiration. Iranian people have arrived at the same conclusion as the great English man Thomas Paine who expressed his views in Common Sense: "The palaces of kings are built on the ruins of the bowers of paradise.">>> FULL TEXT

Fereydoun Taslimi

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* Too much ghormeh sabzi

Amoo Sam ["One more wake-up call"] seems to have been around kitchens where ghormeh sabzi's been being prepared for too BLEEDING long! Someone ought to inform him that the days of the salon "pseudo-intellectuals" is over and time for action has come.

It's a known fact that those who cannot do, criticize. Who exactly does he recommend come and replace these ne'er do well, thieves? Unless he's got a suggestion and is willing and able to take action I suggest he sits back in those very backwater disco bunkers he seems to suggest Reza Pahlavi frequented!

Banafsheh Zand

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* Logical, powerful

This must've been the most logical and powerful political article I had read regarding Iran's future ["Citizen Pahlavi"]. Kudos for the author, whoever s/he may be.

Mehran Azhar

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