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January 17, 2001

Higher expectation

Thank you so very much for your suggestive elaboration ["Missing the point"]. Many of us in the Iranian community take pride in having been associated with Guive Mirfendereski ["Complain to..."] and would let his long fine scholarly track records and community service would speak for itself. Retrospectively, I suppose one could say people's expectation is even higher from those among us who are truly accomplished ["Shocked and saddened"].

Within Persian Watch Cat we have people of various political orientations, but we are all indeed committed to accommodate and understand each other as best possible. A true democracy is when one could tolerate allow the free expression by the opposite side, otherwise it is not democracy, is it?

The question is not conformity and censorship, but rather courtesy toward peers and a bit of surprise here, especially when the group has gone several times through this debate when drafting petitions on finger printing and such perspective had then not surfaced.

You are correct in reiterating the fact that this is done according to the law. Let us however bear in mind that implementation of a law by an officer who's merely doing his/her job with no emotion is one thing, and the two overzealous U.S. Immigration and Naturalizarion Service officials who retained my in-laws in their 80's for nearly four hours at JFK airport in closed room with no windows, just to repeat the finger printing because, as they claimed, the earlier ones were not "clear". They did this while they were loudly laughing and ridiculing as if they have now caught criminals, while these two individuals have traveled over 20 times to the U.S. since the 50's, but didn't wish to immigrate and prefer to remain Iran.

To conclude, I do support your notion of "slowing down" proposal. "The Sun would NOT permanently remain behind the cloud, does it?!" Our community would triumph due to having level headed people like yourself!

Davood N. Rahni


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