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January 10, 2001

Feminazis are on the move

It's quite enlightening to witness the race debate culminate to such new compromises ["Thank Gof for..."]. I personally have nothing against individuals from different races and nationalities conjoining in holy matrimony as long as the interests surpass that of the phallic nature.

However, I see that the argument has taken a slight twist. It's not really about Darryl and Maryam's controversial interracial marriage anymore, rather Iranian females have found themselves a sufficient excuse to unleash their psycho-sexual frustrations upon the infamous "Iranian bigot cowards". In other words Iranian men.

Look out fellas, the feminazis are on the move. Though you do a good job at pointing out the fact that we must leave outmoded traditions behind and strive to advance our mentality - and I do admire your egalitarian way of thinking - most of your ideas are spurious and you lack euphemism. Therefore, you tend to generalize Iranian males by making underhand insinuations, caustically badgering away at the image of the Iranian Man so to make us look primitive and unsophisticated.

You, yourself have had bad experiences with Iranian men, yet you refuse to look at yourself. You'd rather point the finger and let loose of your vengeful frustrations. Well, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so. You call others bigots when you're the one who curses and insults and then you try to cover up your bigotry by raising a socio/philosophical facade and asserting that "I am stating fact".

You have no fact to state. You have an opinion riddled with anger, which is connoted by your dislike toward Iranian men. Therefore, you have prejudices against Iranian men and this by virtue of your argument makes you a hypocrite.



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