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March 7, 2001

What if god forbid...

I think your idea is a wonderful one ["Let's go"]. However I wanted to know a couple things. Will there be any older chaperones? If not who is your contact there if god forbid you get into any problems with the Komite? Or if not the Komiteh, the Basij?

I am writing this email out of concern. I am a 26-year-old female who was raised in Iran. I think it is an excellent idea what you have put together and I would like to send my niece and nephew, but although they are 18 and 19, who will be responsible for them? They where raised in the U.S.

Is there someone there who will be a host and actually know about the country? And have you thought about gender restrictions?What will you do if one party is taken into custody.

I would like some more information about this tour. I think the idea is excellent and has great potential because a lot of the younger Iranians in the U.S. were raised here and some have not seen Iran. But I must also act as a devil's advocate and say your title "Let's go", is not that simple.

I left Iran when I was 22 and came to the U.S. I go back every six months. I love that country, but I know well that it is not stable. If you are a seasoned traveler to Iran and know your way around and understand the culture and norms, then it is not a problem. But, Iran is a country, not just cultural things that families teach their kids.

I suggest you see the film "A girl in sneakers". It is about a girl in Tehran and what she runs into. Again I am not trying to sound like the voice of the all knowing. Maybe you have all this planned and then I can honestly say I would love to send members of my own family if this is the case.

S. Nasehi


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