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Tel Aviv-on-the-Potomac is an enemy

In response to Faramarz Fateh's "Only Iranians can fix Iran":

Mr. Fateh,

Thank you for your essay in response to my earlier work. Your work has been the only one of substance that was sent to me. The others were hate-filled Jewish cussing sprees. I constantly told them that I would be willing to PUBLICLY debate them on Jews and neo-cons. Of course, no responses to my request. Anyway, on towards answering your ditty.

I do not blame everything on Jews. On my blog page ("iranianforaryans.blogspot.com") I wrote an essay defending positive Jewish contributions to Western music. Indeed, Jews have been instrumental (haha! double entendre!) not only in Western music, but also in music of the Levant. The vacuum in Arabic music was filled by Jews. I give credit where credit is due. However, when it comes to politics, and other aspirations of the nations for self-betterment, the Jews are antipodal to every and all true forms of progress.

Mr. Dayanim's chicanery is an example par excellence. As a Jew, his interest and passion are for his people, and Jewishness being what it is, he is antagonistic to true gentile emancipation. For example, he wrote that he works for a more tolerant and "progressive" secular Iran, free of state-sponsored terrorism. But, he failed to mention that his racial-state of Israel discriminates against goyim (non-Jews), practices collective punishment on Palestinians, and was founded on terrorism a la the Irgun and Stern gangs. Indeed, Barak, Shamir, Rabin, Sharon, and Begin were all terrorists at one time or another.

In order to understand Judaism, and Jews pick up Israel Shahak's "Jewish History, Jewish Religion". Consult Israel Shamir's webpage @ "www.israelshamir.net". I do not blame Jews needlessly. The campaign against Iraq was their creation, and the current attempt to disrupt Iran's theocracy is another Jewish subterfuge for Israeli hegemony. I CHALLENGE you, Mr. Fateh, to go and see who has been pushing for war and regime change: begin with Mr. Raimondo's articles on "www.antiwar.com".

As to your second contention that certain Iranians "suck up" to Republicans and "conservatives" let me just state that the modern-day republicans are - for the most part - neo-cons. They are over-representedly Jewish, and are liberals for most every cause except for issues surrounding Israel. These neo-cons are traitors to America, they are war-mongers (for Israel), put Israel first, lie, and are building the Judeo-American Empire. So, it's no surprise that you find Jewish names like Wurmser, Podhoretz, Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle, Ledeen, Dayanim, Rubin, Abrams, Zoellick, etc., calling for regime change.

Therefore, Jews are CRUCIAL to understanding modern-day realpolitik because they are pulling the strings, and filling in the foreign policy slots with their kind, and their goy-puppets, like Rumsfeld, Rice, Woolsey, etc. These assertions are not will-o'-the-wisps of a deranged mind. They are built on solid foundations, and consequently, will not be debated by Jews and their shabbas goyim. I am open to a public debate in the Iranian-American community on issues of "regime change" and Jews/neo-cons (excuse the redundancy in the latter).

On the other hand, true conservatives are the paleo-cons, like Pat Buchanan @ "www.amconmag.com". Though they author great articles, the paleo-cons purposefully neglect to "name the Jew" as the evil-doer. For absolute truth-telling communicate with a "Jew-realist" like yours truly. I don't mince words.

In fact, if Iranian are to fix things, they must realize that Tel Aviv-on-the-Potomac is an enemy. The world will never be safe until Jewish thinking and Jewish manipulation of America are stopped. Islam might be bad, but Judaism is pernicious. All the ridiculous drivel that Khomeini spewed in his treatises are NOTHING compared to what the rabbinic "sages" of the Talmud wrote: read Shahak's work.

Lastly, I do think that a "secular", "progressive", and "democratic" Iran will not solve problems. Whereas the mullahs broom issues under the carpet, an Iranian "democracy" will open up the flood-gates without solving anything. Secularization now means nothing more than Jewification a la Redstone's MTV, and Eisner's Disney channel. Women will go back to dressing like harlots, homosexuality will gain in popularity, Jews will gain a greater foothold, and our nation will openly - no longer covertly like under the mullahs - degenerate to this mess called America.

Let's publicly debate about this,

Iranian for Aryans

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