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Missing component

In response to Hooshang Amirahmadi's "Viable option":

Dear Dr. Amirahmadi:

During the past few years, you have been making overtures to the officials and members of the US Congress and administrations that they should adopt the policy of rapprochement to and appeasement of the regime of the mullahs in Iran. However, your argument is based on the fallacious assumption that the mullahs and their ideology are flexible and that they are amenable and persuadable to peace, evolution, and refinement!?

During the past three decades, several US administrations have unsuccessfully tried to encourage and tame the mullahs into respecting and abiding by the norms, rules, and laws of the international systems and communities. But, every time the mullahs have lashed back and reciprocated with more violence while the degree of their barbarity intensified at exponential rates. The disasters, misery, and destitute the regime of the mullahs have brought upon the people of Iran, the people of the region, and the whole world for that matter are at biblical proportions and are only comparable to those of the recent tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean.

It is a known fact to the citizens of the world that the regime of the mullahs and their thugs are gangs of violent and barbaric criminals and murderers.

Mimicking their ex-Soviet counterpart (e.g., the Stalinist regime), the mullahs create crisis and chaos and use deception, intimidation, and violence to rule. That has been their strategy for the past 25 years and it will continue to be for as long as they are in power.

Therefore, Iranian people and the civilized communities around the world deeply, profoundly, and pathologically hate, despise, detest, reject, renounce, and condemn the regime of the mullahs and their ideology. The statistics collected and generated by the regime point to these sentiments.

Having described the beastie nature of the regime of the mullahs, the dynamics of the current situation in Iran point to one important observation! That is, the solution formula to its political impasse must consider the following that Iranian people and the civilized world can not and will not co-exist with these beasts (e.g., mullahs, their terrorist colleagues, and thugs.) A good analogy would be that people can not co-exist with dogs infected with rabies. It is imperative that you quarantine and shoot the infected dogs!

Hence, any solution to the problem at hand in Iran must have as a component the elimination of the beasts. Unfortunately, your recommended viable option of more carrots and less sticks will not work since it will only make the beasts salivate and attack for more!

A feasible option to the current situation in Iran would have to have military, economic, and political components. The latter two components must be used to encourage and support the people of Iran to achieve their long-desired objective, that is, a free and democratic society. The military component must be used to deprive the mullahs from all the wealth they have plundered and amassed over the years and for their complete annihilation! Whether or not this will result in another Iraq totally depends upon the level of cooperation by the Iranian people!

Best regards,

S. Dastangoo



Faghat khastam behetoon begam ke I LOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE your site!!! You have NO IDEA how much I enjoy iranian.com (as well as MANY of my friends/relatives).

Site e shoma yeki az KAMELTARIN site haee hast ke mishnasam, if not THE kameltarin.

Mikham azatoon tashakor konam babate zahamati ke mikeshin baraye negahdashtane in site & dar kol take care kardan az site, midoonam ke kheili kar mikonid ke site ro uptodate negah darid & azatoon mamnoonam.

I'm ADDICTED to the writers section & once I start reading I just cannot stop. I haven't read all the writers' stories yet vali Siamack Beniameri & Dayi Hamid are my FAVORITES! I also like Bahar Jaberi's stories very much, amma Siamack Beniameri is on TOP of my list, he's simply the greatest. I get so lost in his stories that I don't want them to end. I just love the way he expresses himself (the expressions he uses, the fact that he says what he wants & doesn't let the negative things ppl say affect him, etc...).

I sent him an e-mail yesterday thanking him for his stories & told him how much I enjoy them, I'm about to do the same for Dayi Hamid.

I sincerely hope that they keep writing for iranian.com.
I also LOVE Dayi Hamid, he's absolutely great!

Hamin dige, faghat khastam azatoon tashakor konam & begam khaste nabashid :)



Harmony in no rush

On Amad Eslami's paintings "The spill":

I am not an artist but I LOVE Amad Eslami's paintings on your site. They always seem to offer a perfect balance and a great harmony, without rushing you.

Bahram Saghari


Let me get this straight

In response to Dariush Abadi 's "Never forced Islam":

Dear Zedeh-Irani,

I have had enough of your asinine, outdated and jaded rhetoric. I have never come across someone so out of touch with reality that it is truly comical to read your posted rubbish on JJ's site.

Let me get this straight, according to you, my forefathers were not forced to convert to Islam simply to save their lives? Let me get this straight, according to you, the tongue to my ancestors was never outlawed after the Arab invasion? Let me get this straight, according to you, my forefathers welcomed your Arab heroes with open arms before, during and after the Arab invasion? Let me get this straight, according to you, no Iranian has ever been put to death as a direct result of Islam? Let me get this straight, according to you, Islam is outright accepting and welcoming to all non-believers, or Infidels? 

WOW! I guess, over the years, we have all been conned by historians, poets and eyewitness accounts that seem to counter every point that you attempt to disprove as propaganda and/or falsehood! OR, you just might need to stay off the drugs, as they have obviously impaired your ability to separate fact from fiction! 

Oh, and another point, please refrain from using the name Dariush ever again. The proper name for people like you is 'Ahmaq-ollah'. GET A CLUE!


Babak Kalhor


Taziyeh: English or Turkish

Hi, I'm a graduate student at Istanbul University. I am working on taziyeh. I need the English or Turkish translation of a taziyeh text. But already I couldn't find a translated one. Do you know how can I find a translation?

Please help me about this issue.

Thanks a lot.

Celal Mordeniz


Are you insane?

This is in response to Dariush Abadi 's many akhoond ass-kissing letters [including "I would side wih them"]. It's obvious that you have some ties with the current government and/or are an akoon your self because nobody else in the world would have enough time to send so many letters to a website.

You speak about the great contributions of the akhoonds to the world but can you tell me one thing that Iran has done in the field or research or finding a cure for a disease or anything remotely productive to the human race in the last 25 years? nobody cares about some philosopher that lived a hundred years ago. if you want to talk philosphy, the greeks will win that one out so don't even go there. You can side with the akhoonds all you want, but the fact is that they have brought nothing but death and destruction to not only iran, but the world.

It's also laughable that you say that iranian akhoons are as liberal as american liberals. are you insane? Iranian akhoonds are the most brutal excuses for human beings in the world. who else would put a noose around the neck of a 15 year old girl and take joy in watching her sway in the wind. you call that liberal? Maybe in the eyes of your friends, the saudi's we are liberal because at least we don't have any public beheadings, but that brings up another point. If we're not even good enough to be "good conservative" muslims, then why even bother. just forget the whole thing.

In one of your other letters you also mention that Islam was never forced on anybody in Iran. Riiiiiiiightt. so right now nobody forces people to fast during ramadon right? I remember seeing people get flogged in public quite a few times as a child for breaking their fast early. tell me that's not forcing islam on people. by your description, i can walk around in iran, say proudly i'm not a muslim, eat a ham sandwich, drink a beer, and tell people proudly that i'm a bahai (which i'm not but i'm making a point you dumb ahkoond). We both know that's not the case. So stop the lying because you're not fooling anybody.

Also, please do the rest of the world a favor and move to saudi arabia where you will be appreciated for who you are.



Real Esfahan gaz in Canada?

Hello my name is Bob Nixon. I live in Ontario, Canada. I have been wondering if real Esfahan gaz is available in Canada? The big floured pieces, not the individually wrapped kind. Actually I have been searching for 40+ years for this treat. I am 58 years old and sampled some of this treat when I was very young in Detroit Michigan at some aquaintances of my parents. I was only told that it was Manna at the time and went on a search for it years later.

I was informed that I was probably looking for "mann wa salwa" or "manelsama", both of which I was able to obtain and found them to be close to but not what I was looking for. I have taken up an interest in all things Persian recently because of a lifelong facination with the literature and sufi material that has found it's way to me throughout my life.

In my internet journeys I came across some photos of gaz and I am sure this was the substance that so captivated me almost half a century ago. Please foreward any information or website avilable that would provide a source for it. I am subcribed to your publication and get hours and hours of enjoyment with every edition.

Thank you so much for your efforts.

Bob Nixon


Show respect

In response Anyway section photo "Fetus in Vali Asr square":

This is not a very humanitarian photo. It is of a poor/deceased fetus on the street, and there should be more respect than to have its pictures circulated on a website. Shame on the person who posted it on iranian.com.

Suzanne Alavi


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