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October 2006

* Bush knew and knows
* U.S policy in Iraq fails. Why?
* America has become... a MAD nation
* Don't judge so fast
* Are you serious?
* Iran is better off to risk it
* Circulate this widely!
* Give Ganji a break
* Fifth column
* Iran, Japan, U.S. and nuclear weapons
* Raped... by who?
Women & West
* Supreme council of ignorance
Islam & Muslims
* Bush's cannot meet solutions we need
* There is no safe place to run
* Democratic de-Islmization
* There is no one to blame but ourselves
* Incomparable peace and justice
* A holistic solution
* Another Bab? Why not?
* Read all about it
* It IS a religion
* Not a big deal to offend Christianity
Anousheh Ansari
* Why do you think she is reponsible for the world's problems?
* All I can say is she has balls
* She dared to dream
* When was the last time any one of us spent a dime on anything worthwhile?
* Cheap pessimism
* Breaching the code of confidence
* Not a private letter
* Done nothing but dancing bandari in Persian parties in Miami
* Going back after 32 years
* Yek gale goosefand?
* Iran is a joke
* Money or honesty
* Dying desire
* Happiness is internal
* I wonder
* Based on what I saw
* Real or fiction?
Men & women
* Crawl back into the Dark Ages
* Are you a 40 year-old virgin and addicted to internet porn?
* Take these pointers... and shove them
* Mosht neshaneye kharvar ast
* My girlfriends always know who's the boss
* Excuse to nuke
* Panahaande Iran shavid
* Welcome to America, boys!
* Re-appearing dignity
* Badbakht marde Irani
* Dying desire
* In a world of denial
* He's not Zan-Zalil
* Assuming women as victims
* Giving good Iranian men a bad name
* I wonder
* Don't think you can change us
* Deluded and misguided dignity
* Settling an old score
* Lots of generalities
* Teach our children "Iranian Values"
* Husband had the guts to sleep around
* Self-esteem issues
* Keep looking
* The real beauty in woman is not only in her virginity
* It's just not like that anymore
* Dignity is not bekaarat
* Male machismo
* Inciting anger
* Special, differently
* Playing games
* Go to hell... I mean heaven
* Misogynist   in a "moderate male" skin
* She straightened me up!
* Taghsir khodeh mardast
* Don't speak for all men
* Get over it
Lake Tahoe
* Daydreaming break
* Publicly available for Nazanin
* Gross violation of responsible journalism
* Raising awareness to help those in need
* Consider apologizing
* Why put someone else down?
* 21st century snake oil salesman
* Slow porn
* Not as common, but ...
* I guess the CIA is hard at work
* Fascist in nature
* Iranians are not going to embrace your atrocities
* Are you willing to support me
* This guy is sick. He is pathetic. He is a psychopath...
* You must be upset about too many things
* You have got talent. You can work for them.
* Why the wait?
* He just calls everyone names
* Not the quality we expect
* Bayad kheyly mamnoon bashim
Dog killing
* Really brought shame to our creator
* Sick son of a bitch
* Why didn't he prevent it?
* Loving dogs more than kids
* Those EVIL kids
* Why won't he die?
* This nadir cruelty
* The truth is what they say it is
* Opened up a whole new musical world
Akbar Ganji
* Are you serious?
Lost & found
* Where's Byrom Manochehri?
Sheida Mohamadi
* Tries too hard to impress
* Might wanna double check
* At least they didn't change it to "Mike" and "Glenda"
* Cultural confusion
Art: Normandi
* Exposition of enemy's lies
* Killing free speech
* More like high school project
Photography: Alireza Aghakhany
* Nice
* Very nice
* One of the best
Art: Sheri Chakamian
* Overwhelming response
* How is this for a laugh?
* Ok?
* Pope's indirect point: Islamist image is terrifying
* Come to Washington DC
* How much fun it was to eat those treats
* Here we go again
* Pushing limits
* Not a big deal to offend Christianity
* Islamists scare me. Why?
* Are you biased towards Islam?
* Missing factor


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