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    March 17, 1999

    Not going to happen

It's unusual that there would be an article in The Iranian on such a controversial topic ["The last country"]. Unfortunately, ethnic groups who want their own country usually fail to consider the economic factors involved in building a country. Their driving motivation is purely based on cultural and ethnic considerations. What would an independent Kurdistan export; what will it trade? How would it maintain a viable economy? It is precisely for this reason that Scotland has consistently voted against full independence, instead choosing a limited form of self-autonomy within Great Britain.

The Kurdistan issue is very complex, to be sure. It sounds like I'm oversimplifying the issue, but these are very real questions. Realistically speaking, it is very unlikely that a Kurdistan will ever happen. There's not a chance in Jahanam that Syria, Iraq, Iran, and especially Turkey will ever relinquish territory. Ultimately, I think that Kurds need to wake up to reality and realize that this will never happen.

Most Iranian Kurds I know of, including my mother's side of my family, are both Kurdish and Iranian, and they're proud to be both. They are more than content to allow their Kurdish roots to simply be just another ethnicity in the rich melting pot of ethnicities that we have in Iran.

The author brought up the point that if you give the Kurds a country, you have to give the Arabs, Turks, and Lurs their own country too. Ahh...but they haven't "asked" for one. But what if they DID ask for one? Then the "non-issue" becomes an issue.

There's no more compelling reason to give the Kurds independence than there is to give any other ehtnic minority in Iran independence. Instead, the Kurds would be better off simply campaigning for greater freedom of cultural and linguistic expression, in Iran and elsewhere, and allow the rich cultural diversity in Iran and these other countries to remain so.

Nariman Neyshapouri

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