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National crisis
From Khatami to Clinton

January 7, 1999
The Iranian

- So do you think Dorri will be sacked?

- Who's Dorri?

- Dorri-Najafabadi, the intelligence minister. There's talk that Khatami has demanded his resignation or else he's going to fire him.

- Wow... exciting stuff.

- Sure is. It reminds me of the crisis that eventually led to the 1953 coup. Back then Mossadegh wanted to sack the pro-Shah defense minister and the Shah wouldn't let him, or something. Can't remember. Anyway, I think Mossadegh finally got his way but that incident showed the deep divisions between the government and the monarchy. Now Khatami wants to get rid of his intelligence minister because of the latest murders. But Dorri is said to be a Khameneie ally and if Khatami takes over the intelligence service the balance of power will change dramatically in favor of the reformists. But real power is in the hands of Khameneie and the conservatives and they're not going to just sit around and let the rug be pulled from underneath them. I'm worried...

- Pass the remote please...

- Are you LISTENING to me? The country is facing a big crisis.

- Damn right! They're really going to put Clinton on trial in the Senate. Bastards!

- You're kidding! Did it start today?

- Uh huh... Those damn Republicans. They're all a bunch of hypocrites. I hope Larry Flint exposes the sordid sex lives of every one of them.

- That would be so awesome.

- Do you think he'll resign?

- Clinton? No way. He a stubborn mule too. Can you imagine this happening in Iran. It would be so hilarious.

- Yeah... they'd find a stain on someone's chador and...

- (Laughing)

- ... and instead of a cigar there'd be a qelyoon.

- Stop it! That's disgusting! (Laughing)

- Oh, Iran, Iran, Iran... what's become of you, what's become of us?

- Now you're going to make me cry...

- Will we ever go back?

- ... Pass the remote...

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