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Cheering thy enemy
Since when have these people begun giving a damn about the welfare of the Iranian people?

July 18, 2003
The Iranian

I read with interest Paul Klebnikov's article, Millionaire mullahs: Who Controls today's Iran? and I confess, if it had been published by a magazine that gave a damn about Iran and Iranians, I would not have a problem with it.

However, it was published by the "beloved" FORBES Magazine, based in New York. And the FORBES financial establishment has long been an integral part of the "Military-Industrial Complex" with deep ultra-Zionist connections and interests--and by the way and not surprisingly at all, it used to praise the Shah of Iran and denigrate Dr. Mossadegh, among its other inhuman traits and pursuits, such as the naked lust for money, regardless of consequence.

I see no need to remind anyone that the term "Military-Industrial Complex" was first used by a former right-wing Republican President of the U.S., who was also a General-and who, by the way, signed the order for the CIA's overthrow of Dr. Mossadegh's democratic government, as mentioned in the July 4th editorial article in the Boston Globe newspaper, referenced below.

Hence, Mr. Klebnikov is writing for the right-wing (and Zionist) influenced FORBES, the "sister" magazine of the Wall Street Journal, so no wonder he demonizes a whole country and civilization by saying: "A nuclear threat to the rest of the world, Iran is robbing its own people of prosperity."

I wonder since when have these people begun giving a damn about the welfare of the Iranian people?

I am sure ultra-traitor puppet-wannabes such as Reza Pahlavi, Massoud Rajavi, Rob Sobhani, and their Naziesque neo-conservative ultra-Zionist "friends," will cheer wildly for such unbalanced articles.

Where is a mention in this article of the massive corruption in Iran under the Shah? What about mentioning the massive economic and political corruption in today's heartless America?

There is no doubt that in today's Iran we have a good deal of economic and political corruption by people who CLAIM to know "God." I have called this our "indigenous" corruption, in the following recent e-mail post (July 4th) on the discussion listserv of the small Internet-based organization, the Iranians for International Cooperation (

I really think it is important that we see the "darkness" radiating from the "West" (and from the rabid expansionist Zionism--which seems to be fully controlling the U.S. foreign policy, especially in the Middle East), in all its varied HORRIBLE manifestations-the darkness that is in fact destroying our fragile planet by its naked selfishness and racist opportunistic aggression-and dropping depleted uranium on innocent people is only one incredibly vicious example of its criminality.

Given all this, if we Iranians have our own indigenous darkness to contend with, it is better not to beg the Military Industrial Complex to come and help us, because it is deeply deeply deeply racist and selfish and DOES NOT CARE ONE BIT about Iran or Iranians.

Recent history has clearly shown that this vicious military-industrial complex (with its branch office in Israel) DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT about Iran or Iranians at all, whatsoever. Please forgive me for my language.

I don't like right-wing politics of any kind. But the more the likes of Reza Pahlavi, Masud Rajavi, Rob Sobhani, M. Ledeen, etc. advocate naked "depleted uranium" aggression against Iran (and of course they constantly bullshit about liberation and bringing "democracy" to fool ignorant people-ask Iraqis for verification), because right wing neo-colonialists and Zionists (and those under their control) have racist HATRED and want to USE my beloved ancient land-they desire the total subjugation of Iran at the hands of Bush, Sharon, etc. (i.e., at the hands of the military-industrial-media complex), these days I am being pushed politically toward even the right wing of the Iranian government, despite my vomit-strength distaste for its abusive self-defeating policies. At least these are indigenous criminals-not imposed by "civilized" criminals from the "West."

Unlike some, I do not see the darkness of the "civilized" West any less dark than I see our indigenous darkness. Look what they did to Dr. Mossadegh--that inhuman policy has not changed a bit-as we approach the 50th anniversary of that unforgivable crime against our nation and the betrayal of the democratic development of a large portion of the 3rd world.


Moji Agha

I would like to bring this article to a close by simply pasting my July 4th letter to the editor of the Boston Globe, in response to an editorial article it published the same day.

In it I have expressed my opinion regarding Iran's "nuclear threat" propaganda issue, among other more historical observations:

Dear Boston Globe Editor,

I am an Iranian American cultural psychologist, the founder of Tucson's on-going 24/7 peace vigil-now [as of July 4th] in its 106th day of non-stop operation,

As you can see, I have chosen to entitle my comments below as:

U.S. Wants to Forbid Democracy and Independence for Iran

In his July 4th Boston Globe editorial, A lesson from Iran on regime change, H.D.S. Greenway quotes Stephen Kinzer, quite correctly, that ''but for the [1953 CIA] coup [which overthrew Dr. Mossadegh and brought back the dictatorial Shah], Iran would probably have become a mature democracy" and "... much of the terror [of the Americans that Iranians feel today] comes as a result of that covert action 50 years ago."

Greenway goes on to say that: "Today... Rumsfeld and the neo-conservatives around him talk of changing the present Iranian government." He then quotes Kinzer again that: ''There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.''

Much of what Mr. Greenway states is right on. Except that I believe that the "Military Industrial Complex," (which President General Eisenhower warned the nation against in no uncertain terms (but now Bush and his brazen neo-conservative company do not even feel the dishonest public relations need to even superficially hide its complete dictatorial control of the U.S. government) has not changed its destructive and horribly selfish mind in these past 50 years.

The Ruling Complex does not want Iran or any other country in the 3rd world (except Israel--superficially) to be a "democracy," "mature" or not. The Complex knows the history quite well. Its deliberate "kiss of death" support of the Iranian students or of the reformers in Tehran is to kill the democracy movement, fully purposefully.

Let us not be blindly naïve. The Complex's opposition to Iran's nuclear development is not to prevent Iran from developing nuclear arms, but to prevent her from becoming energy independent (not hungry)--which would lead to Iran becoming truly politically and economically independent--not addicted to the raw EXPORT of non-renewable oil.

From the inhuman standpoint of neo-conservative colonialism, this would be a bad lesson to learn for all other vulnerable 3rd world countries, dreaming of dignity and freedom--and also bad for the right-wing expansionist ultra-Zionist interests in the Middle East. Therefore, the criminal racist policy of 50 years ago (overthrow of Dr. Mossadegh's government) is knowingly being repeated in a different form in today's Iran.

The most concrete manifestation of this racist policy is the consistent undermining and enmity toward President Khatami and the indigenous democracy reform movement of Iran, from all right wing corners, Washington, Tehran, and of course, Tel Aviv.

Shame on short-sighted hegemonic tribalistic selfishness, on this very fragile and fast warming planet. Shame!


Moji Agha
Tucson, Arizona

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By Moji Agha




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