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Blessing in disguise
The Crown Prince of Iran is wrong about nationalism



June 10, 2006

I have presented over the years, how Iranian Nationalism, which is the material representation of the Iranian Spirit, is practiced by all Iranians as Nowrooz. This is the foundation of Iran. All Iranians relate to this, whatever ethnic group, religious group, political group, or any new group they may be. This is a very strong force, and it has withstood and defeated any alien occupier over thousands and thousands of years. No alien has ever managed to take that away from Iran.

Iranians will never get angry or go to war, because they believe in Nowrooz and all its Spiritual ramifications. The Iranian loves Life, and Nowrooz is his or her way of showing that. Any alien that tries to take that away from an Iranian, to make him or her a fighting force, is making a big mistake. The Iranians who fought Saddam, fought for Iran, not for anything else. Now they know the enemy within, but will fight it non violently. Iranians cannot fight violently the Seyyeds who do not believe in Life, but worship death.

So it is with this background that the Seyyeds in Iran are failing. They have realized, that their young pathetic warmongering ideology, cannot motivate Iranians. Some Iranians have believed in their dogma at the beginning in 1979, but that was only because it was all part and parcel of a nationalism. Khomeini forced some military to commit treason, and they are all very sorry for the current situation. But they believe in keeping the peace in Iran, and that is why they will not confront the Seyyeds openly. They do not know, and they do not have enough knowledge about the Iranian Spirit. The people do and a General Strike will bring the Seyyeds down.

It then comes as a big surprise to me that the Crown Prince, who is responsible for the Royal Institution, does not realize the power of Iranian Nationalism, when he makes this comment.

That's not what scares the regime there," he explains. "What scares it are the opponents from within, who should be strengthened. An attack from outside could give this regime carte blanche to do anything, and even lead to a nationalist awakening that would bring into its camp people who do not belong to it now."

What does he mean by a "Nationalism awakening"? As a Zoroastrian Astrologer, I cannot see how anything that a Seyyed does, that can have any relationship to Iranian nationalism. If anything, any kind of destabilization will show the Seyyeds' weakness, and allow the nationalists to grasp power. The Crown Prince is a Muslim, and as such the Royal Institution is now run by a Muslim, who does not realize the difference between the Iranian that does not put Koran on the Haftseen, but puts the Zend Avesta. My grand father taught the last Emperor when he was the Senator of Azarbaijan. Who has taught this Crown Prince? The Royal Institution must be served correctly. So please read this RP.

The Royal Institution of Iran is the oldest in the world. It was based on the doctorine of Kingship as is written in the Zend Avesta. It customary for many to assume that much of the larger Zend Avesta has been lost. Even so, much of what we call Zoroastrian Iran, has still much of the Zend Avesta, and other books on how to govern Iran in the Iranian Spirit. Ironically Xenephon's Cyropaedia or the Education of Cyrus, informs us Iranians how profound and deep we were. But we have to hear it from Xenephon, who was not Iranian. Many nations' Emperors and Constitutions have been written with references to this book. So why don't we?

There is so much we Iranian have of our own, that we do not use. You must realize that you cannot motivate Iranians in a peaceful way, if you do not refer to the historical precedent. You must show the way just like Cyrus did. Refer to the peaceful ways that are found in the Iranian nationalism, when you speak to all those dignitaries. Telling them that the Seyyed will entice nationalism is a sign of weakness. You are supposed to be the Standard Bearer of the Royal Institution, and you are the spokesperson of the Royal Institution.

It is then rather ridiculous to assume that a Seyyed can influence the deep peace loving Iranian Spirit. It cannot. I have advocated for two decades that this Iranian Spirit is very similar to the Indian Spirit (as we both have common origins) and it was the force that motivated Gandhi. Its concept of non violence united India. And the same is binding Iran as Nowrooz. We Iranians, real Iranians, not the ones that have the Seyyed virus, have felt this common peaceful bond. So we now see and identify the alien for his aggression.

With Nowrooz we can take the aggressive, wild, divisive, horrible attitude of the Seyyed dogma, and rise above it. We have been doing ever since 1979. Our last Emperor His Imperial Majesty Mohammed Reza Shah Shahanshah Aryamehr, could have easily got the largest military force in the Middle East, and destroyed the Seyyeds and their terrorists. But he was an Iranian embodied with the Spirit of Nowrooz and did not want bloodshed. People did not believe him then, and to this day warmongering Iranians had wished bloodshed had wiped out the Seyyeds. But the Emperor wanted Iranians to take the longer route, so that it can be done non violently properly. The Seyyed however did try to destroy both Iraqi nationalism and Iranian nationalism, by not cooperating with Saddam and sending million of Iranian to fight a useless war. And it is looking for another one with the US.

It is then a blessing in disguise that we have had to go through all this, to really appreciate what Nowrooz really means. Its symbolism and its links to all the glory of the Iranian Empires throughout the ages, keeps our dignity and respect. The Christians never forgot the Magi, and the Jews never forgot Cyrus the Great. Ironically the Monguls helped Iranians develop their nationalistic art as shown in the Shahnameh that were allowed to be rewritten. No matter what the Seyyed tells you, if it were not for the Monguls, we would not have had these cherished few pieces of art. The ancient Mongul and Chinese dualistic philosophies are very close to the dualistic Zoroastrianism, and I personally believe that Taoism is derived from dualistic Zoroastrianism. Iran would have been closer to what Egypt is now, if the Monguls had not wiped out Islam from Iran.

So with all that information that I have given you, which you would not have from a Moslem, Christian, or a Jewish historian, you should be able to realize, that any kind of instability or threat of instability, would show the very hollow foundations of this alien force in Iran. It has been identified in all aspects of Iranian culture. Every Iranian knows what "akhound bazi" is. We all know their ways, and have contained it. The Iranians are all talking about non violent regime change. The Iranian media does not dare mention it. But the Blogosphere and other media is documenting all this. The people are talking to each other and the unity is there.

So my message to the Crown Prince is, please be careful what you say about Iranian nationalism. Iranians will never jeopardies their Spirit for a Seyyed war again. Comment

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