Composed by Ahmad Pejman

October 23, 2002
The Iranian

"Mirage" is a poetic interpretation of the mysterious nature and sceneries in the deserts of Iran. Using traditional themes such as Zoroastrian hymns and religious prayers, merged with Pejman's own musical withdrawal of the architecture, traditions and the nature of this region, he creates a mystical ambience where instruments like Donali (a traditional pipe), Kamancheh, Delroba, Gheichak and Dohol play an outstanding role.

Parts of this music are inspired by Pejman's composition for Majid Majidi's award-winning film, "Baran" (Rain).

Born in 1937 in Laar, Iran, Pejman started studying music under the supervision of Heshmat Sanjari and Hossein Nasseri and continued studies in composition with Alsred Uhi, Thomas Christian, Hans Jelineck, Nusiant Arel, Vladimir Ushachevsky and Jack Beesen in Viena.

Pieces for Saba Ensemble and Symphonic Orchestra (conducted by Hossein Dehlavi), Rhapsody for Symphonic Orchestra, Sonata for Piano, Farsian Overture for the Harvester Ceremony Opera, Lightning Ballet, Samandar opera, Seven Hurdles of Rostam, Hamasseh (performed by the London National Orchestra conducted by Pejman), Khorramshahr piece and a number of film and TV scores such as "Rain" (Majid Majidi), "Smell of Camphor and Fragrance of Jasmine" (Bahman Farmanara), "Blue Scarf" (Rakhshan Bani Etemad) and "Warriors of Tangestan" are among his major compositions.

Tracks from "Mirage"

1 Khalseh/Ecstasy
2 Omid/Hope
3 Neyestaan/Reed bed
4 Ofogh/Horizon
5 Bandar/Harbour
6 Bouraan/Squall
7 Dar azal/Eternity
8 Saraab/Mirage
9 Ghoroub/Sunset
10 Nahaayat/End

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