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Memorable gift
Monir Vakili's inspiring and elevating artistry

By Parvin Ramazan-Nia
April 7, 2004

I am known to my family and friends for my love of music. That is why I usually receive CD's for various occasions. This year too was no exception! The CD I received for Norouz was Resurrection, by Monir Vakili. Listen >>> Sample tracks

Listening to Monir's voice took me back forty four years to the fall of 1960 when I first met her. At the time I was accompanying my husband on a trip to the U.S., while he was attending the Advance Management Program at Harvard.

At that time, Monir was studying voice at the New England Conservatory of Music. There, I not only come to know Monir personally, but I also got to know her dear husband, Mr. Majid Majidi, and their beautiful little daughter, Zaza.

Who would have thought after all these years, with so much happening in all of our lives, that one day Monir's lovely and talented daughter Zaza, with her darling children, Alexandra and Arian, would bring their beloved mother/grandmother to life, as they have by producing this warm and touching CD.

Although we lost Monir to a most tragic car accident, her ever-present spirit continues to live on, inspiring and elevating us through her beautiful artistry.

I cherish this CD as a precious Norouz present, for it gives me the opportunity to relive the fond memories of those irreplaceable days when we used to attend Monir's unforgettable performances in Boston.

I wish to express my most sincere congratulations to darling Zaza and her loving family, for giving me this memorable gift -- one which speaks not only to those of my generation, but also to the young generation of today, where we can all enjoy Monir's warm and heavenly voice together. Listen >>> Sample tracks

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