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Revolution by bus drivers
Ordinary Iranians are becoming courageous to speak out against oppression and bullying by the Mullahs


February 2, 2006

For the second time in the past few months the courageous bus drivers have taken on paramilitary fascist militias on the Tehran streets. According to a friend's observation that the areas the bus drivers had gathered have been blocked by Para military groups and any access to any of the bus drivers is under security watch and tightly controlled. Can this be forefront for a new revolution? Does this mean that other groups who have been yearning for such an occasion would join our heroes and demand for more freedom and rights for all Iranians?

To be honest with you I am somehow optimistic. Just look at the past year and all the events that have taken place, Yes you might be right the election of Ahmadinejad to the office is not good news; however look at it from a different angel. The government has played all their cards and Ahmadinejad is the last card to play.

They introduced to us Rafsanjani a thug who proclaimed to boost the economy. The government wanted to let the public know that they also believe in prosperity and revitalization of economy. Then they realized that he is corrupt and the majority of the population is getting tired of his greed then they introduced a soft Mullah.

The soft Mullahs name was Khatami who tried to open to the younger Iran with his stupid grin on his face. That also failed. Then the government realized that nothing is working let us go back where we started, may be that will create a new generation of Islamic supporters. But that is exactly where they have failed and miscalculated the Iranian public. They have failed to see that the majority of the people are disgruntled with the current status quo and are demanding for more political freedom.

Let us review the events that have taken place in the past year and let us forget about Ahmadinejad. In the past year Iran has been under great pressure by the international community and is under the world surveillance. That is why you hear about the bus driver's strike on Deutsche Welle and BBC. You remember in 1999 the student uprising was not mentioned by any foreign newspaper.

In addition our beloved hero Mr. Ganji, his hunger strike which lasted for almost two months created out cry around the world and caused many of us to take step back and realize that we can shake this government. If one man can do it we all can, that is what Ganji tried to tell us.

Furthermore, the numbers of blogger and underground political activist in Iran have doubled. There were also strikes by the teacher's union and factory workers; therefore, I can see a shift by the public towards demanding for more change and political freedom as well as economical growth and prosperity through out Iran.

To someone who is not very familiar with Iran it might not sound much promising but to me it is. I have followed Iran's politic for so long that I can tell you these events mean that ordinary Iranians are becoming courageous to speak out against oppression and bullying by the Mullahs.

One thing we must do and can do is to provide our support to the Bus drivers. I have started to write letters to my congress representative and president Bush. Let us pressure them so that they realize the situation the bus drivers are facing. If you have friends and can get latest news please publish it and keep us informed. In addition, I send e-mails to major newspapers and demanded to publish news about the Bus drivers strike in Iran.

Let us all take advantage of this situation this might be our last chance for more political freedom.

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