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What do we really need?
Fighting before they destroy us


May 22, 2006

The whole situation over Iran's nuclear ambition and access to technology has overtaken the main news for the past few months. On one side there are a group of people (neo cons) who want to take military actions against Iran and destroy the military and nuclear sites then there are others (European countries) who believe diplomacy is the way to go. But then you have the Iranian government who adamantly is persisting on its right to nuclear technology and is using the pretext of NPT as well as the rights of Iranian people to such a technology.

However; I would like to argue here that despite I am not for a military strike against Iran, but I am 100% for the removal of the Iranian government and the regime and I will discuss in this article how one can take such an action against one of the vicious and cruel regimes of 21st century.

As I said I am against the military strike against Iran, since I know that a military strike will only harm the Iranian people and also strengthen the mullahs who are desperately looking for such a confrontation in order to prove to the public that there is such a thing as great Satan. I have argued in the past that a military against Iran should be avoided, but at the same time I have argued the importance on strengthening the economic ties with Iran, thus strengthening the middle class and providing the grounds for a democratic society based on needs and yearning for more freedom of expression after the basic needs have been satisfied.

The mullahs have been in power in Iran for the past thirty years just because they have kept people busy with work and running from one job to the next in order to make ends meet. But I think there is need to remove this government who has committed the most brutal acts of crime against my people after Genghis Khan invaded the great Persia.

In order to remove this government one must look at the current events that are happening in Iran. The external and internal forces affecting Iran and the competitive advantage that one might have in order to over take this brutal regime. This approach needs a clear and comprehensive strategy to remove this government and then establish the grounds for a reformist style government followed with referendum and design of constitution that meets the needs of every Iranian. The ways you can prepare the grounds for the removal of the Iranian regime is, first by starting to establish all the ties with Iranian government and start to build a strong middle class.

Second, the CIA and other intelligence service agencies have to gather all the necessary intelligence over this regime, because one of the keys to remove this brutal regime is by gathering valid and valuable intelligence. Third, they must establish their bases in Iran for strategic attacks to weaken the government. This can occur by assassinating the key leaders in the regime.

Finally, one must establish opposition forces that are ready to rise up against the regime at any time. I read one of our friend's articles last week "Who do you trust? Iranian opposition forces" by Jahanshah Rashidian and I was very pleased with the way he laid out the current Iranian opposition groups in Iran.

Mr. Rashidian clearly brought up to our attention the lack of leadership and vision by each one of these groups. I would like to emphasize here in this article that before any action there must be a leader before anything can happen. And this leader must have vision, leadership skills and be charismatic. Then we can pursue with the whole regime removal.

Iran is like a dying organization that is in need of revitalization and reengineering. The top management must be fired and trialed for corruption and embezzlement. Once the wheel of revolution is rolling the temporary selected leader must establish a government that can clearly respect all Iranians and Iran's complex cultural and ethnic diversity.

I believe this regime must go and it must go now before it ruins Iran and Iranian. We need to establish our self once again as a proud nation and people. We can not say that for now we have other things to deal with and let a nut case like Ahmadinejad to run Iran and continuously destroy our reputation as a proud nation. We Iranians are proud of our history and our culture, thus we must fight the current regime before they destroy us.

Zendeh bad Iran va Irani

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