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Hold them responsible
Let us sue the Islamic Republic and make it accountable


June 27, 2007

When the movie 300 aired there were thousand of complains from Iranian patriots about the movie and how it portrays the Persian image. When Mr. O'Reilly said something about bombing Iran many of us were outraged and started petitions and organized task forces to call Fox news about how upset we are about Mr. O'Reilly's comment. Even prominent organizations such as NIAC and others send mass e-mails and encouraged all of us to call and show our disapproval. And trust me I am not condoning any of the latter actions.

But what makes me angry is the fact that I have not seen one single petition about Iran's current brutal government or I had not seen NIAC or any other organization sending mass e-mail to ask us to call Iran's leader to stop their savage killing of innocent Iranians.

We are all worried what if United States attacks Iran how many Iranians will die and how our beloved nation will be destroyed. But we never wonder that our nation is already destroyed. We don't realize that the current regime of Iran and the brutal dictators and savages have killed more innocent Iranians than even the Genghis Khan with his brutal and savage army or the barbarian Arabs have inflicted upon us.

Whenever, I see pictures about Iran on or any other Iranian web sites it is usually the image of northern Tehran or some small part of Iran that has been built and looks good. I don't have the exact statistics but believe me I feel very comfortable of saying that 85% of Iran is still under built and underdeveloped.

Again I don't have the statistics and the Iranian government is not in favor of gathering information on the health of the economy because there is not measurement or indicators as well as there is no ombudsman in the Islamic Republic of Iran. But I feel very comfortable of telling you that 80% of Iran's population is living under poverty line. Iranians are very proud people and they never show that. They try not to talk about their hardship and try very hard to hide it from their friends or family members.

However, there are some good indicators as far as how the economic hardship and the corrupt regime have had an adverse affect on the general public; for instance the high divorce rate, high report of domestic violence, increase in drug use among the population mainly fathers and young men (believe to be in 6-10 million figures, mostly heroin addicts (no hope)), and increase in child prostitution and prostitution in general. Actual Iran is main exporter of prostitution to our Arab brothers in UAE and other gulf states (prostitutes, made in Iran). Thank you Islamic Republic of Iran for your generosity to your Arab brothers.

But I feel comfortable to share with you some recorded statistics which is done through World Bank and other global organizations. The inflation rate in Iran is so high that eating an omelet in Iran is becoming a luxury dish. It is said that the inflation rate is in its upper 20%. Unemployment rate figures are another reason we should do a petition against the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is said that it is in 19%, I actually believe is much higher.

When you compare our GDP figure to the gulf neighbors you wonder how an oil rich country Iran with abundant natural resources has such a lower GDP rate compared to UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia when there only natural resource is oil. Even Bahrain, Yemen and Oman who do not have any natural resources have higher GDP. Don't you think that is a reason for petition?

It is a shame that an oil rich country such as Iran is so under developed. There are reports that indicate that Iran is in the top 10 of countries that have high corruption rate amongst government official. Let us talk about that. In Iran nothing gets done without bribery. This includes every government agency and official, police and armed forces even the public. My uncle said he had to bribe his corner store grocery owner to alert him if eggs arrive. One cause of countries slow growth is corruption as mentioned. Let us petition against corruption.

The other factor for country's slow growth and under development is mismanagement and nepotism. Iran's top businesses and other government or non-governmental agencies lack management skills. They lack the basic management skills as far as time management, efficiency and effectiveness. There is no such a thing as far as quality control or customer service. The idea is so unknown that even talking about to anyone over there it is like talking to a wall. Iran's top manufacturing factories and industries are run by the state. It is believed that the Rafsanjani family owns at least 60% of Iran's manufacturing factories as well as other state run businesses (nepotism). So let us petition against mismanagement and nepotism.

Yesterday the government announced that it will ration gasoline line usage among the people. Every household e is only allowed 21 gallon per month. Is that not ridiculous? I fill up my car here very week and is more than 21 gallon. In Tehran with a poor transportation system imagine how people are going to survive. The government is squeezing as much as they can from the people. An ordinary Iranian has three jobs how are they going to live in a city where renting a 1 bedroom apartment is so high that it takes two teachers salary to pay for the rent.

That is a shame an oil rich country like Iran which is the third in the world has gasoline line shortage problem. Did you know that Iran actually imports petrol from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar? Let us say that Iran sells crude oil $60 per barrel, and then they actually purchase it back at $75 per Barrel. We have no refineries and proper way of using our own natural resources. I say shame to the government officials. Let us petition against gasoline line shortage in Iran?

To all the scholars, scientist, professional and business owners who live overseas instead of hating one another, spending your money on stupid space travel or giving your money away to a foreign university or private school, please let us get together and create a foundation or organization that will help our country. Let us petition against the Islamic republic government for all the atrocities and damages they have caused. Let us sue the government and make it accountable for all the mismanagement and corruptions that are the cause for under development and hardship in our country. Let us petition for a referendum?

This article is dedicated to the hard working Iranian living in Iran. I am very sorry that I can't do much. I can only pray for you and I hope that god will give you strength and will to overthrow these barbarians. Comment

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