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Part 8
New York, Monday September 26

10:25 a.m.
I just finished explaining to Nance the Baby Jane debacle that happened last night at her party. We instantly messengered each other to meet in the coffee room for a break at the not too indecent time of 10:00 a.m. We were still laughing when a Grolpy throat clearing snapped us out of our fun. Ah well, back to work we go... zzzzzzzzz...

11:45 a.m.
I still can't believe who called me five minutes ago: Peerooz! The nerve! How dare he, after standing me up last weekend! I was about to tell Nancy to tell him to jump off the Empire State when I decided I better tell him myself. As soon as the line was transferred, I ripped into him:

-- "Sir: You have exactly 15 seconds to convince your interlocutor why you should NOT be pushed off the Empire State building. Should you choose to accept this mission and fail, you will be shown no mercy. This tape will self-destruct in 15 seconds: Go!"

Well, if I was hoping to throw him off track, I was sadly mistaken. He seemed to enjoy the challenge as he did not skip a beat and answered me in the same officious tone:

-- "Agent double O-Love Reporting: Sent on business trip to London, England on Tuesday night red-eye, scheduled to return Friday. Unexpected airline strike detained me til Sunday and unable to locate target Naz, the most beautiful International Spy known to disarm ruthless killers with deadly bat of her eyelashes. Throw myself at Your mercy for appropriate punishment, hopefully involving certain handcuffs and whips found in seedier basement establishments of New York City, very far away from Empire State building."

Well! I didn't know he was as prepared as a boy scout! Maybe it went a bit over the 15 seconds. Who cares? I wanted to hear more about this "beautiful" target of his. I burst out laughing.

-- "Okay buckaroo, I will spare your life this time although your suggested punishment sounds more like a reward. I think I'll hold off until you can worm yourself back into my good graces."

-- "New Mission accepted Boss. You just be on your guard."

I hung up the phone feeling so light-hearted and giggly truly like I was back on junior high and just made the cheerleading squad... Give me an N, give me an A, give me a Z, what does it spell??? Scooooooooooore!

Sunday October 9th

10:30 a.m.
Head feels fine, strangely enough... This diary must be working, I am becoming a better person! Sorry for the late entry Diary joon, I will give you a recap of the past two weeks: It has been WONDERFUL! Peerooz calls me and instant messengers me every day with cute James Bond type messages and we continue playing our little cat and mouse game. He has had me in stitches for the whole time and mock-begging me to meet him at various underground S & M joints (God knows how he knows of these places!!!). Manny was right, the more aloof I am, the more intense his pursuit is getting, with his double-entendres getting more and more salacious every day. I love it!!! Especially like it when he calls me at home late at night, we have been falling asleep on the phone together almost every night, it is such a delicious feeling! This guy, if nothing else, is really funny. I don't think you could spend one minute with him and be bored.

Saturday night, Manny and I took Bruce to Splash, this amazing gay bar on 17th street. Mario has finally dumped him and moved out. Bruce was feeling VERY low, I mean SCARY low. After a few unreturned phone calls, Manny found him in his apartment with his head shaved!!! "I needed a change", he simply said, looking up with his puppy eyes. "Damn right you do!" stated Manny diplomatically. So off we went. Splash is so much fun. Imagine this really big place with a number of very spacious bars, it's full to the brim with very GQ types with buff bods. The bartenders are all deliciously shirtless. The first difference with a straight bar is how clean it is! I guess there is only one kind of neat man, and that's a gay man. We usually don't hang out at Bruce's meet-markets since we don't want to cramp his style, but once in a while it is so much fun to sit there, not bothered by anyone, and sing along to all the show tunes displayed on huge movie and t.v. screens around the place. Everybody gets really into it especially if it's a really popular number like "Big Spender", the whole place is rocking. We had a really great time, and a little flirtation with our bartender I think has been a substantial first step in getting Bruce out of his funk.

When I came home at 1, there was a message on my answering machine. Peerooz of course. Guess he missed his bedtime phone partner. Oh well. I have been a good girl for the past two weeks. I deserved a fun night out. And I kept the drinking to a minimum. You really don't need to drown yourself in a vodka gimlet when you are having so much fun!

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